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Flying tonight

I was watching a programme last night about the stunning Isles of Scilly - so why do so few shore anglers go over there for the outstanding fishing ? I have a great friend over called Del, and together with a friend of his, they are the only two serious anglers over there, and they have some very good fishing for big mullet, pollack, congers, huss, wrasse etc, plus good shark and wreck/reef fishing from the boats. I love it over there, indeed I have yet to come across better shore pollack fishing. Take the ferry from Penzance to St.Mary's, there is a good campsite, or get some other cheapish accommodation, and fish the most unspoilt waters there are around here. I like my fishing to be out of the way and quiet, and the Isles of Scilly work perfectly for me. Above is a photo of Del fishing a flat calm mullet mark, with some really big fish that were moving around in front of us. Words can not describe just how beautiful the Isles of Scilly are.

I leave Heathrow at 10pm tonight, heading out for this giant golden dorado fishing in Argentina. Really getting very excited now - all my camera kit is packed up and I just have to fling a few clothes, suncream and even a new 6-piece Greys spinning rod in my bag and I'm ready to go. If I get the chance, I am going to have to throw some poppers at these beasts. I can't wait to watch the fly guys chase these fish down. Trips for this outrageous fishing can be booked through the excellent Aardvark McLeod fly fishing travel company. Click here to access their website.

I am not sure about internet access where I am headed, but if I can, I will update this blog as I go along. If not, full reports and plenty of photos when I get back after 10th March. I love the travelling side of my job, indeed seeing new places, cultures and fishing is about as exciting as it gets. But the hard part is obviously leaving my family for multiple trips throughout the working year, and right at the moment my youngest daughter is just starting to walk. I have a feeling that she is going to be everywhere when I get back. Help !!

I have only been to South America once before, and that was to photograph the awesome bonefishing out at Los Roques off the coast of Venezuela. Check here for a bunch of photos that I shot, and then speak to Pete or Charlotte about a trip. Great place, great fishing, great light.

I have found another website of some really pretty outdoors photography, with a big element of fishing in there. Take a look at this website. It has really struck me recently that there a lot of talented photographers living in and around Montana - obviously this part of the world is very special and I can see myself heading out there plenty in the years to come. Put the art of fishing with stunning locations and it simply takes the breath away.

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