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Fresh east wind right in the kisser, cold, peeing with rain, and loads of bass smashing surface lures - does it get any better?

What on earth do we know? Not exactly what you would wish for on a relatively early season trip over to the south coast of Ireland, but the last couple of days has seen some pretty damn impressive fishing - with Saturday afternoon especially being about as good as it gets in my book. Steve and I are bracing ourselves against an increasingly fresh and cold easterly wind, the rain is coming right at us in the face, and it’s not as if we’re feeling a huge amount of love about proceedings…….

But we smashed them, and off the top as well. No real size to the bass and the photo of Steve with a fish around the 4lb mark is in fact from the previous evening to that session when I wasn’t contending with horizontal rain straight in at my camera lens. Sure, it may well have been blowing a fairly fresh easterly, but the actual conditions were stunning, and to me when it’s like that it just screams surface lures. You know when the waves are coming in and you momentarily lose your surface lure behind them as they roll on through? We had that, and it’s lovely. Early season it may well be, and compared to a couple of days earlier the temperature drop was quite something, but the bass have been incredibly fizzed up and smashing into surface lures so hard that some of the time they either aren’t connecting or we hook them but they come off pretty quickly. When they stick though, wow it’s a lot of fun.

As per the title of this blog post, fishing doesn’t get much better if you ask me, and it would be fair to say that Steve and I have been a little taken aback by the numbers of fish around if you do find where they seem to be lurking, and how willing they have been to smash surface lures. I have been using those three new custom coloured IMA Salt Skimmers a lot and have smashed bass on the lemon back and the ghost anchovy ones, and dropped a nice fish on the mackerel colour. As much as I have a serious thing for the IMA Salt Skimmer though (really?), Saturday afternoon was bouncing that much that there was only surface lure I own that was properly up to the job of getting out there, staying nice and stable in all that bounce and wind, and then making enough disturbance to get the fish razzed up. I think a lot of you know the lure, and it begins with a P! Anyway, back to it and more to come……….

I’ll do a preview post very soon, but Steve and I have both been fishing out here in Ireland with the brand new 2016 Daiwa Certate spinning reels in the 3000 size, both loaded up with the cheap as chips 20lb Daiwa J-Braid. Sweet!!!!! What a combination.