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I am really pleased to have the front cover of the latest issue of Fieldsports magazine - if you are into fishing, hunting or shooting then you should check this fantastic magazine out. There is a feature in there of mine about the incredible sight fishing we did for Atlantic salmon on the east coast of Canada last autumn, on the Gaspe peninsular. Check out a load of photos from that trip here. Seeing big salmon in crystal clear waters is a memory that I can cherish forever, and if this kind of thing floats your boat, get in touch with Aardvark McLeod about a trip out there - it is very cost effective, world class Atlantic salmon fishing.

It is always a huge kick to get your photograph on the front cover of a magazine, and I am really pleased with their choice of photo here. Sometimes these kinds of detail-style shots can really work when you can isolate the subject matter against a backdrop that is not too busy. I was shooting with a Canon 1D MKII camera and the awesome 70-200mm f4L IS lens, all protected with a rain cover because it was lamping it down all that particular day. But I don't think the shot would have worked so well if it had not been raining. Pete McLeod caught a couple of nice salmon that day if I remember rightly. As a rule I am not that keen on taking photos in heavy rain, but with a decent cover and good gear it is fine - and Canada is still the only place I have come across where some rain actually made it look incredibly moody and attractive. But then all the parts of Canada I saw were simply incredible anyway, rain or no rain.

The fly reel in the cover photo is a Hardy Zane, which Pete raved about for the whole trip. It did him proud on some nice fish. The orange chest pack that you can see on the left of the shot is the Fishpond Shooting Star Backpack/Chest Pack.

And onto rugby - this I believe is a joyous week for England fans. Our best ever skipper is taking over the reigns at Twickenham and I for one am hoping that he kicks serious butt and takes us back to the top of the world where we belong !! Martin Johnson is the biggest hero we have ever had in rugby and surely he can take that "follow me over the top" spirit into his new job. Just that stare alone was enough to have grown men wilt before him. South Africa are keeping the World Cup nice and polished for us until we take it back in 2011, so thanks for doing that guys, most kind. Get your photograph taken with it as soon as you can, because it's coming home.....

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