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Gear shots

Some fishing tackle just looks so appealing - anybody who is into fishing I am sure can not resist buying more gear than they actually need. We are all the same !! Fly fishing reels especially are such good looking bits of engineering and I really like taking shots like this. Tumbling river water gurgling over the Greys G-Tec reel , a tight framing and a deliberately skewed horizon I think has produced a really interesting but simple shot that brings the eye in. I went for a very shallow depth of field on my 70-200 lens and got down really low in the river to bring the shot to eye level (nearly got a wader-full of cold water as well). Such a reflective surface on the reel meant that I had to wait until the bright sunshine was off the river when shooting last week with Nick Hart on the River Exe. Sunshine is great, but direct sun on a reel like this tends to produce burn-out.

Off to the Fly Fishing Retailer show next weekend in Denver, Colorado. Should be really interesting to see this event and talk to a bunch of people in the industry, the US fly market is fascinating to somebody like me. I have done a bit of fishing and photography in the US, but there is so much more that I want to do over there.

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