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Getting feedback like this makes writing my blog so worthwhile

If I was a hard-nosed businessman who actually knew a bit more about business and planning and other such worldly things then there would most likely be some kind of grand plan with this blog that I have been writing now since August 2007 - but there isn’t. Okay, some of you kind people here do choose to buy some of your fishing tackle through my affiliate links, and I thank you profoundly for doing this, but it’s not as if the proceeds are ever going to come close to providing a genuine income here in the UK with the size of our bass fishing market especially, and to be honest I mostly end up buying fishing tackle with it anyway - which then usually gets reviewed on here. And so on…………..

So I guess I continue to write this blog quite simply because I love doing so. My brain bounces so much about fishing that I seriously need to have some kind of outlet for some of these thoughts, and over time with this blog I have really got into and love doing reviews on fishing tackle and associated stuff. At the end of the day though, what I really hope with my blog is that it might help a few of you out with your own bass lure fishing. I can but reflect what I love doing the most when I write this blog - bass fishing with lures, obviously! - and I so love how more and more anglers from all disciplines are coming across this thing we do and falling for this style of fishing.

Many moons ago when I made some low budget and low key TV programmes for various/obscure satellite channels, I used to get a number of anglers coming up to me to talk about them. For the most part everybody was really nice about me shouting at them from the small screen, but in truth I was always slightly embarrassed to be “that angler on the telly”, and I am happier behind my stills cameras. But it does give me a huge thrill when I meet anglers these days who tell me that they read my blog, because this blog is me, and me alone. I have no directors, producers, cameramen, sound men, or editors, and I don’t have to sit through meetings with TV execs who have never been fishing in their lives and think pleading for the best season to go and film certain species is just me being difficult. This blog is me and my head, it is read by a lot of people all around the world, I am really proud of it, and it makes my day to get feedback and interaction in the comments section below, on Facebook etc. So to get a message like the one below that I got on Facebook the other day has basically made my week to put it mildly!

“Hi Henry hope you don’t mind me messaging but just wanted to give you some positive feedback regarding your Facebook, webpage and blog. Despite fishing all over the world I’d never caught a bass on a lure and living not far from XXXXXXXX and 1 ½ hours from the coast I was unsure where to start. Your social media contains so much information and it’s refreshing to read honest reviews!! It’s helped me put together the correct kit, pick the right lures and has pointed me in the right direction regarding location and tactics. I’ve just returned from an early morning Low tide session and managed to catch a fish of 80cm on a white Senko fished over very shallow water and rough ground. Only problem is I’m home now and already studying the tide tables for my next adventure!! Cheers mate, keep up the good work” (name and area of the UK withheld at the bloke’s request, photo of his donkey below!).


How frigging awesome is that?! To have helped in some small way with this angler getting into bass fishing, and then for him to catch a serious fish like that? Beyond proud for sure, and to get feedback like this is proof to me that I am doing nothing wrong in the fishing world by continuing with my blog - coming at you from “beaming with pride of south east Cornwall”!