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Going to the Hooked Live show in Dublin this weekend

I have to say that the organisers of the Hooked Live show over in Dublin are some extremely nice people - for some reason they have asked me to come along to the show again, and it's on at the massive Citywest Hotels and Lakes complex this coming Saturday and Sunday (March 10th and 11th). I love these kinds of events and I am really rather pleased to be heading over to Ireland for it again. Like last year I will be doing a few talks and demonstrations, and while I love doing these kinds of things, perhaps the best part of any show like this is simply getting the chance to meet and talk with so many different kinds of anglers. Year on year the increase in numbers of anglers who want to yap about bass fishing is amazing, and if you read this blog pretty regularly then you will have guessed that I'm just fine with talking until the cows come home about bass fishing and of course Ireland. I hope to see some of you there. If you see me wandering around then please come and say hi.

I went out yesterday to play with/test some rods from the Japanese company Graphite Leader that the people from Lure Heaven have just got in. I will put a bunch of details up on the blog about them next week, but for now let me say that I am that close to pulling the trigger and buying one of them. Off the scale.