Gosen X8 Braid review

It’s thanks to Ben at the Art of Fishing who lent me his own spinning reel loaded up with this lovely looking pink Gosen X8 Braid - and yes, I’m perfectly comfortable with a pink braid (real man!), and this comes from rating the outstanding Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid so highly which I have been using in the pink colour. Does the colour of a braid make a jot of difference? Of course not, but I do like fishing with bright coloured mainlines, and I think that pink might be my thing! Anyway, this Gosen X8 Braid………

It’s the first Gosen braid I have fished with and I note that the retail price here in the UK is £29.99 for a 150m spool of either PE#1.2 or PE#1.5. On the one hand this is an easy review to write, because I can’t find a single thing I don’t like about this excellent 8-strand braid - it’s thin, it’s very smooth and it knots beautifully. It casts really well, I had plenty of bass on it towards the back end of last especially so I trust it from a fishing point of view, and on the little Shimano Stradic FK 3000 spinning reel that Ben lent me, this Gosen X8 Braid in a PE#1.2 has performed absolutely impeccably. Not even a hint of a problem, but then I’d expect that with a modern 8-strand braid that feels as nice as this stuff loaded up on a decent spinning reel.

And then on the other hand this is a bit if a tricky review to finish up, and for that I lay the blame if you like at the door of Daiwa’s newish 8-strand J-Braid especially, and to a lesser extent the just as good but harder to get hold of Sufix Performance Pro 8. We also have the excellent Spiderwire Smooth 8 Braid and now the new Shimano Kairiki 8-strand braid which I have not tried yet. The “problem” is of course that for many of us our expectations have now changed about what we need to pay to get a properly premium mainline for our lure fishing, indeed as much as I love the really high-end stuff because I am of course a proper tackle tart, if you nailed me down then I am at a loss to describe to you what more you might be getting from an 8-strand braid that costs however much more than the sub-£20 8-strands I have mentioned about.

You can’t go wrong with this pink Gosen X8 Braid because it’s bloody brilliant, and yet again I must doff my cap to Ben and his Art of Fishing operation for sourcing so much interesting fishing tackle. Hand on heart though and I can’t tell you that you’re going to get a load more performance from this £29.99 Gosen braid over say the distinctly sub-£20 J-Braid, but I am nothing to do with what anglers choose to buy, and for me this Gosen X8 is another fantastic 8-strand braid that gets added to my mental list of trustworthy mainlines that I am more than happy to lure fish with myself. I don’t know anything else about Gosen lines, but if that’s how good their 8-strand braid is then I wonder what else they do that is worth checking out?