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Got a new car, thanks so much for your suggestions

It feels a little strange not to be driving my twelve year old, dirty grey Ford Focus estate around anymore, but there you have it below, my new car - and it’s a big thanks from me for your help the other day on here and on Facebook when I asked, indeed via your comments and specifically the ones telling me to look at the Citroen Berlingo Multispace XTR, well that is what I am now driving. I was close to getting a Skoda Octavia estate or some other similar estate type car, right up until a few of you told me to have a look at the Citroen………

Photographing my new car, whatever next?

Photographing my new car, whatever next?

Which I did. I didn’t find it easy looking for a new car primarily because I have so little interest in them, but I did what most blokes do and carried out as much research as possible - but that Citroen Berlingo Multispace thing never once crossed my radar. Another straightforward estate made the most sense because it’s what I have driven since my eldest girl was born, and I was actively looking for a second hand Skoda Octavia estate. But via your comments I went and had a look online at the Citroen Berlingo and what it could offer me, and then I went and booked a test drive to see what it was like.

Absolutely bloody perfect for me and what I need a car for, that’s what it is. Thank you, thank you! Sure, if a drop dead gorgeous car is your thing then you ain’t exactly going to lust after those stunning sleek lines on a Citroen Berlingo Multispace (!!), but I am not buying a car to try and look better. Nope, a car is a tool to me, and I need a car that works for the family and for my fishing/travelling around with loads of stuff in it - this Citroen fits the bill brilliantly. So comfortable to drive (nice and high and upright, great visibility), plenty quick enough for me, decent stereo, acres of room in the back for kids or passengers, great big boot, easy to take any of the back seats out individually if I need even more space (or to kip in), and I love those sliding rear doors. Hell, it’s even got a touchscreen thing in the front that made me nearly jump out of my skin when a call came in over the mobile! I am far more used to shouting over a crappy bluetooth earpiece.

So there you have it. The new motor. And yes, there will be a fair bit of piss-taking from various mates about how I am preparing for old age with a car like this and what they are sometimes used for, but that’s no worries - loads of room for the old zimmer frame! Nope, I love it, and I reckon it’s going to be the perfect car for these high milage trips I make over to Ireland especially, either with a mate or two along with me, or those whole day journeys I do on my own over to glorious Kerry for my co-guiding work. Set the cruise control and have a damn good kip on the way! A great fishing wagon, and it makes me very happy to be driving something that is based on a van.

Many thanks again. The only reason I have ended up with this rather fantastic car is because some of you kind people took the time to leave a bunch of helpful comments the other day, and I hugely appreciate it. Oh, and the Citroen garage took my beloved old Ford Focus estate off my hands for the princely sum of £200 part exchange! The driver side electric window hadn’t worked for a couple of years and I am still finding it a thrill to press the button on this Citroen Berlingo Multispace and actually have my driver side window go up and down, instead of having to pull up just right at say the toll booth after the bridge going into Wales so that I can open my door, apologise for the sodding window not working, and hand over money/take ticket etc. It’s a new dawn…….