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Great fun on the bass - beach plugging

Had a blast plugging on the mighty Chesil Beach this morning with a fantastically talented local bass fanatic called Mark Padfield. Left Plymouth at 4am to take advantage of the tides, and it was a really fun few hours lure fishing. My thanks goes to Mark for taking me out and letting me work my cameras around him. Working with guys like this is what makes my job so special. Imagine meeting up with me early in the morning - it takes real courage !! Could drive any sane man to drink......

Above is Mark landing another nice bass - we didn't get anything massive this morning, but bear in mind that Mark had one over 10lbs on a lure last weekend I think it was. That is one hell of a bass, and especially when you bear in mind that Mark knows exactly where to fish on a stretch of shingle that I believe is 17 miles long !! I felt rather "lost" for want of a better word, but Mark put me on the fish.

A stunning fish that has just caught the first rays of a new dawn creeping over the shingle bank behind us. All the bass went back just fine. There was an incredible amount of bait in the water - mackerel hitting shoals of whitebait, garfish everywhere, and a load of bass that were most likely somewhat preoccupied with all the food on offer.

This guy knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to bass fishing, and I learnt loads this morning - different lures, different ways to fish them off the beach etc. All good stuff, and more info to put in the memory bank and pull out when required.

I am fast falling in love with this lure in a big way - "lure love ?" Is it just plain sad, or are others out there feeling the same things for their favourite bass lures ??!! I personally reckon we are going to be hearing more and more about various models from the extensive IMA range, and the lure that did the most damage for me on Chesil today was the IMA Sasuke 140 in the exact colours you see above. In fact this is the only one of these lures I actually own, and every time I whack it out I am hoping that nothing goes wrong and I get it back intact. It is a killer - belt it out and retrieve it nice and steady - seems to work just fine like this. Speak to the bass freaks at Bass Lures about IMA lures, plus a whole load more. Check them out here.

Mark choosing another deadly lure from his extensive collection. He carries a fair few, indeed I felt rather inadequate when I first pulled out my lure box with a kind of "look at these beauties" glance at Mark - he just quietly pulled out box after box and I went all quiet !!