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Great to be home, but it’s always hard to leave Kerry

I crawled into bed at about 3.30am this morning after a 500 mile drive back from Kerry, and when my wife’s alarm clock went off at 6.30am I must admit that for a while I wasn’t quite sure I was. Damn it’s good to be back home with my girls, but Kerry and the co-guiding work I do there with John Quinlan continues to grow and grow on me to the point that leaving that awesome part of the world gets ever harder.………


And it’s the same feelings even when for whatever reason the fishing sometimes gets tough as it did for our second group. The weather changed on our changeover day and the bass fishing died off a bit like a switch - there had been a bunch of fish around and then there weren’t! Our guys fished hard and fished well, but it was some tough fishing and my heart bleeds when it’s like that - you know how good the fishing can be, you’ve got people who can fish well and are soaking up information like sponges (it’s brilliant when this happens), but for whatever reason the fish don’t want to play proper ball. 


Kerry though gives anglers a lot of options, and on Wednesday which was the last fishing day with our group we had a really good session on the pollack. I have said it before and I will no doubt say it many more times, but with all that stunning coastline it continues to amaze me just how few anglers we see out there, and even if you’re not into lure fishing for bass then I can’t believe that we don’t see plenty of anglers out on the rocks chasing pollack for starters. I love my bass fishing and obviously I am not fishing when I am doing this guiding work, but I do miss not getting the chance to do a bit of pollack fishing myself when I am over there.


Anyway, I am back home now and I haven’t fished for a couple of weeks and it’s like a scratch I badly need to itch. If I can keep my eyes open I’ll be out tonight on the 12.30pm high tide. A thoroughly nice person who came to Ireland on one of our trips and who I had lunch with when I was in Dungarvan a few weeks back has started making his own needlefish over the winter and he has very kindly sent me a few to try. These are some seriously impressive looking lures and I continue to be utterly amazed that some people have the skills to no doubt disappear into a shed and make lures like this - thank you kind sir! You all have a good weekend and I can’t believe I am saying this after that winter we had, but please can we have some meaningful rain…………….