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GT fever.....

Surely the most aggressive flats-based fish there is, the GT defies belief - to watch a 60lb plus predator rush at a fly with such aggression that half its back comes out of the water on the charge gets me very single time. Arno Matthee nailed this big GT on the first day of the trip, using a 12 weight outfit. I also saw my first big tiger shark later on that day, swimming close to us in a small depression on the flat. These remote atolls are truly wild places. Not much comes close to this Seychelles fishing.

We had perfect weather every single day, and the guys caught a stack of fish. I love it when the sun gets really high and bright, illuminating the clouds with a slight tinge of pink. I shot virtually the whole week with my 16-35 lens and a polarising filter - what a treat. I am in the middle of processing the shoot at the moment, and I will post more photos here in due course.

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