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Happy Christmas 2014

Wherever you are and however you might be celebrating it, I hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas. My profound thanks for reading this blog of mine, and here's to 2015 and whatever it may bring. I trust that the majority of you here will get a bit of a break away from work over the Christmas period, and also that a few decent fish may oblige by crawling up your line in a festive desire to get caught.

Is your bass fishing over where you live? Do you now face the depths of winter with optimism because another season of fishing isn't that far away, or do you bash your head against the nearest wall and soothe yourself with fishing related retail therapy? Around where I live we have potentially still got a while to go chasing bass on lures, but wow do we need those conditions to behave - we want a bit of fizz on the water, but we don't want relentless winter storms, and please, please can we not have over two months of NE winds. Hell, we're anglers - we don't want too much do we?

Some of you I know have the best few months of your year coming up if lure fishing for bass is your thing - if the conditions behave then places like Portugal, Spain, Morocco etc. can get some awesome bass fishing for bass the size of which we can only dream about in many parts of northern Europe. It is my mission to learn more about this winter bass fishing, whilst obviously doing my best to fulfil my ever worsening Ireland addiction of course. It matters not how much I visit the country, or even how good or bad each trip might be with the conditions and/or actual fishing - nope, there is nowhere on earth that excites me as much as Ireland, and together with potential guiding and photography related trips over there next year, well I hope I might get the chance to meet a few more of you through 2015..............

Above is a simple slideshow of a bunch of UK and Ireland lure fishing related photos that I shot over the course of this year. I did a search for 2014 material the other day and tried to pick out my photo of the year, but I gave up. By no means am I trying to say that all I shoot is gold, rather that the photography of most kinds of fishing floats my boat so much that it feels wrong to try and pick out a favourite when instead I look at them in terms of light and composition as well as the wonderful memories that these photos bring back. The simple joy at spending time around water and away from crowds is a joy that most of you reading this blog I am sure share with me. Have a very Happy Christmas and I'll catch up soon.

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