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Happy Christmas 2016

Is it really only two days until Christmas? Happy Christmas to you all and my thanks as always for reading this blog - from time to time I do sit down and think about whether I should continue this blog for another year, but I love doing it, I love that people read it, I love getting feedback via comments, emails and various messages, and yes, I absolutely love it when I meet anglers out and about who tell me that they read this blog and that in some way it has helped them with their fishing. Thank you!

I went and had a look at the last blog post I wrote before Xmas 2015, and it goes without saying that what I am most grateful for this year is that I was lucky enough to get through skin cancer with merely a hole in my leg and a couple of other scars. There is loads to love about life, and top of the tree for me is always going to be family. Watching my two girls grow up and develop is the greatest thrill of my life, and I am going to do my utmost to stick around just as long as I can. Yes, I am a proud dad and I am married to the most awesome woman who for some reason puts up with me. When I read stories about kids losing parents far too early it hits me like a hammer to the chest and I know how fortunate I have been.

I’ve gone another year when my own fishing has been purely lure fishing, and I think from time to time whether I should be dusting down the bait rods and giving it a go all over again - but then I think about how much I love going lure fishing, how little I know about it, and how much pleasure I get from learning and learning and learning, and to be honest I feel pretty damn good that lure fishing came along and got me so badly. Going fishing is what’s important, however you do it, so I hope you manage to get out there over Xmas and New Year and catch a few fish, or at least find simple joy in spending that glorious time in the great outdoors, preferably off the beaten track, and with the sound of wind and waves as the only soundtrack required. Happy Christmas, have a good one, catch up soon.

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