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Happy Christmas to you all

Well it's very nearly that time of year again, but it seems to come around faster and faster to me. Or is that just a sign of getting older and more mature ? Debatable I know. I would like to wish all of you who follow this blog of mine a very Happy Christmas. I can't tell you how much I enjoy doing this blog, and it means a huge amount that so many people seem to be following it and enjoying it. Please keep all those emails and comments coming. My thanks to you all, and here's to 2011...........

To those of you here in the UK and Ireland, let's hope that the weather begins warming up sometime soon. I know that many other parts of the world have winters far more harsh than we could ever imagine, but the simple fact is that we are just not that used to these prolonged cold spells here. I sincerely hope that you all get to where to need to get to over the Christmas period. We are staying put here in Cornwall, with various bits of the family coming to us. It will be our first Christmas in the new house, and it should be a complete blast. Those of you with young children know all about how much fun the whole Xmas thing with them is.

And to put this recent snow into perspective a bit, I follow a blog by a US wildlife photographer called Moose Peterson, and in a recent post of his he mentioned the fact that they had recently had a total of 8' of new snow (see here and here). Yes, eight feet !! Seems like 8cms in the UK and our major airports grind to a complete standstill. I am so glad I got back from Mauritius when I did. The thought of having to spend an extended length of time in that shopping mall of an airport that is Dubai leaves me cold.

Anyway, have a great time. Hope you get out fishing. The moment we get a shift in the weather down here and I am going to head out bass fishing around where I live. I have always got it in the back of my mind that it was early January this year when I saw a very good fish caught not far from where I am now living, and I distinctly remember driving out of Plymouth as it was snowing - check here. Certainly keeps one hoping and dreaming. Not sure exactly when I will be posting next, but it will be sometime before the New Year. Happy Xmas.

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