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Happy Xmas, see you in 2018……….

Nearly another year gone, and as ever one has to ask where on earth the time goes? Can you really believe it’s Christmas Day on Monday, and as an angler I hope you have been good boys and girls for present time! Sadly my wife has absolutely no idea what a DoLive Stick is, so you can rest assured that when I open my presents on Monday (and surely you notice how bloody small your pile of presents is compared to when you were a kid!) there will be nothing like that in there.


I have no concrete plans to do any more blogging until the New Year, so you all have a good Xmas and I will see you in 2018. We’ve got lots of family down over the next week or so but I will be out fishing when possible with conditions etc., and I hope that many of you on here might manage to wet a line or two. As much as I tend to love this time of year for bass fishing around where I live, it does seem worryingly quiet at the moment, albeit there seem to be pockets of fish around if you can locate them.

I did want to draw your attention to a fantastic new fishing film trailer that I saw the other day, with the main man behind this project being a hugely talented South African fly fisherman and film maker who I have done a bunch of stuff with over the years. I was lucky enough to go and photograph this insane tigerfish location back in September 2010 and the experience has lived with me ever since. I have never seen a freshwater fish hit a fly as hard as a tigerfish, and the only saltwater fish I can think of that hits so hard and fast and aggressively is a GT. As you well know, I am obsessed with bass fishing and I love our magnificent fish to bits, but wow would I love to see some of the bass fishing experts out there get nailed by a 10lb plus tigerfish! Try setting a hook in that mouth! Africa, it has been far too long and I need to go back. I hope you all get some proper time away from work, looking forward to catching up soon…………….

Only in Africa.........

Only in Africa.........