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Have a good Christmas

Wherever you are and whatever you might be doing, I wish all you kind readers of this blog a very Happy Christmas. My sincere thanks for continuing to read this blog of mine and for giving me an excuse to commit my mostly fishing related thoughts to this digital domain, usually at some rather early hour when my brain starts a bouncing. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to lie in, but then I think of those extra hours I get in a day compared to so many other people and I feel rather grateful that this is the (strange?) way my brain seems to be wired…….

Sorry, not very Christmassy, but at least it's got snow in it

Sorry, not very Christmassy, but at least it's got snow in it

Whilst we in the UK are of course obsessed with the weather, and then being anglers are doubly obsessed all over again, it continues to amaze me how quickly our weather patterns change with the seasons. I will admit to sometimes wondering what it must be like to live somewhere where you get say three hundred days of lovely warm sunshine a year, but then I stop and think about our seasons and I guess I kinda like it the way it is. Whilst it’s so ridiculously mild at the moment down here in Cornwall that we have no heating on and all the kindling and firewood that I got in before my operation sits there unused, crumbs has the wind been blowing fairly constantly now for a good long while - not as brutal as that recent winter when the coastline was torn to pieces, but enough to blow things out around here for any meaningful lure fishing. On the one hand I wish for decent lure fishing conditions for my mates to be able to get out there, but on the other hand if the fish were crawling up the line and I couldn’t get out there, then I think I might have gone mad.

I am now at day seven I think it is of essentially sitting on my arse and not moving around, save for hobbling to the bog or to make myself a cup of coffee when my perfectly wonderful wife isn’t around and so kindly doing it for me. I have an appointment at Derriford hospital later on this morning to get my skin graft checked, but from what I can tell things seems to be healing up ok. I was determined to be good and let things heal up, but I was slightly taken aback at just how difficult is has been to hobble around the house after my operation. I genuinely thought that the surgeons had been exaggerating when they said it would be a while until I was fully mobile again, but at least it’s Christmas and not say the first set of spring tides in September. If you want any advice on TV box sets, books or films, I’m your man!! Believe me, I will never, ever be taking the whole being physically able to do what you want for granted ever again. My wife and girls have been taking Storm for plenty of wet and windy dog walks, but even so our sheepdog has been giving me some weird looks as my arse goes flat from sitting here on the sofa for hours on end.

Have a good Christmas, and may Father Christmas bring you some lovely fishing related presents. I have got plenty of bits and pieces here to get on and play with when the weather and leg allows, and of course I will keep you lot updated. Don’t eat too much and have a great time with your families. Happy Christmas and catch up soon. 

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