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Have a good Easter weekend

I hope all of you have a fantastic, long Easter weekend - may the fish bite big time !! Perhaps this bit of weather we have got down here at the moment might kick start the bass fishing off properly, especially with the larger tides.........

Talking of bass (not that I have a problem or anything), a friend of mine over in south east Ireland emailed me the other day to give me a report of some more good fish they have nailed recently. Patrick and Cian had a number of fish, with one he estimated around 9 to 10lbs. That's another awesome bass for these guys. Honestly, I don't know how much longer I can take NOT living over there.

I have put a bunch of photos up here from a Trout Fisherman shoot I did the other day with Nick Hart - the weather remained nearly perfect all day (perfect for me and my photos, perhaps not so perfect for the actual fishing), but the fish did not really switch on right until the end. When we are shooting a fishing feature, if no fish are caught then it's a day we can't use, so this puts a lot of pressure on Nick. But he can live with it !! Not that I ever remind him of the stakes during a shoot or anything like that. Nice one.

I am spending the long weekend with my family, no fishing for me this time. Please catch a few for me and have a complete blast doing so. I have a feeling that this year might just be a decent one, there seem to be plenty of reports of pockets of good fish around. The launce are turning up on the reefs down here off Plymouth, and the pollack are feeding hard. This is such a fantastic way to go boat fishing - light gear, shallower water, fresh, scrappy fish, a perfect day out. Get hold of one of Plymouth's best charter skippers right here - Malcolm always works his socks off to give his clients a great day out and I can not recommend him highly enough.

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