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Have a good Xmas 2013

Not long now until Santa is squeezing his ample self down your chimney and delivering presents, although I have often wondered how Santa gets himself down our chimney when we've got the stove lit and the vent nearly closed to keep the fire just ticking over. Hey ho though, magic is unexplainable, but I distinctly remember catching my Dad late one night many years ago wandering in and out of our bedrooms with a toy bag - which kinda shattered the Father Christmas thing !!

One thing you could never imagine about being a parent is the joy/pain at sitting through various Christmas shows. Both my girls do these dance class things in the week and last night was their final Xmas show which my wife and I went to. I will admit that I ducked out of their summer show because it was going to be too long and I just can't sit still for that length of time, but last night was something I simply could not avoid/really wanted to go to. I love my girls more than life itself and of course I loved watching them up on stage doing their stuff. But come on, let's be honest here - these things always go on too long, my wife and I definitely didn't get the giggles at a couple of points, and I never, ever put my head in my hands and wished that it might actually come to a close rather than go on forever and ever. Obviously my girls were the best thing about the show, but then I am a parent and I am allowed to be completely biased. Next year I might pretend to be coming down with flu though.............................

There are many benefits to being married, but one I could never have imagined was how much better my wife can make me look as a person. She sorts out the presents for my godchildrens' birthdays and gets me to sign the cards, and she also sorts out all the Xmas presents save for my Dad and my two brothers. Various relations I am sure are thinking come Xmas morning how lovely that Henry chap is, and I will admit to being perfectly comfortable basking in the reflected glow that my wife's kindness (and no amount of hard work and organisation) brings about. "Yes Auntie Flow, I wandered all around the south west on a hunt for that lovely flower vase, aren't I nice ?" The flipside of course is that as a couple you often get presents which let's be honest and say that are aimed more at the wife. I mean come on, what possible interest do I have in a pottery jug thing ? What happened to the childhood days of ripping off the wrapping paper to find some awesome Lego creation to build ? My middle brother definitely doesn't enjoy building his eldest son's Lego spaceships just that bit too much !!

Xmas cheer aside, what on earth is going on with this weather ? It has always seemed to me that whatever we receive with our weather here in the UK, we usually have something taken away as a result. A fantastic summer and an eerily calm spell of weather only recently and look at what we're getting now. Granted, if I was into my bait fishing these days then I would be putting in some time for cod and no doubt loving the chances that weather like this can present, but on the lure fishing front it is somewhat frustrating as about now is the time to be out on my local coastline - this is when you're in with a shout at a proper bass or two. If we don't get a monster cold snap like earlier this year then I see no reason why we haven't got a while yet at a few open coast fish, although crumbs do we need this weather to relax a bit.

Wherever you are I hope you have a fantastic Christmas. May Father Christmas bring you all that fishing related stuff that you were angling for and here's to hoping that you get some decent time away from work with your families. I would like to say thanks to all those kind people who have enriched my fishing life this year, and of course thank you as well to all of you who follow this blog. I do wonder at times whether it is worth me putting the time into it that I do, but I love doing this blog, I love the feedback I get from you lot, and I can but hope that in some small way this little blog of mine does something beneficial for the sport of fishing. Have a good one and see you back here when all that turkey is finished and before your relations have worked out who actually put the thought into their lovely presents......................