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Have a look at this soft plastics video

Nick of Bass Lures first showed me a prototype of the new Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft back at the CLA Game Fair last year, and the lure struck me then as having really strong potential for our bass fishing. I have so much to learn about the art of fishing soft plastics in a more "technical way", but in the meantime you can click here and just go weak at the knees about what these new Magic Swimmer Soft lures can do. Sometimes it seems to me that a good lure can look almost more like a real fish than a real fish does if that makes sense............

What really interests me is the different way in which you can position the belly weights and then fish these soft plastics, and I can already think of a number of specific locations where I want to try them. They are up on the Bass Lures site as "coming soon", so in due course I will get hold of some and give them a proper thrashing. Not that I have a problem or anything like that. I reckon they might work well for big wrasse as well when you position the hook within the actual lure and make it essentially weedless. I have always loved my wrasse fishing and I plan to try and smack a few on plastics later this year. Got some ideas for a few killer marks........

Here's another "not dodging the waves very well" photo from last Saturday morning - sometimes I actually have trouble holding the camera still because I am so stupidly excited by the light or the conditions that I am literally shaking with adrenaline. Or otherwise I don't breathe properly because I am so desperate to try and capture the moment in a way that can visually excite people that I forget to inhale and exhale one after the other. Daft I know, but I mean it when I say that good light and conditions for photography mean as much to me as smashing a few fish, and I get a huge kick when I can make my local patch look as impressive as some of the far-flung fishing destinations that I am lucky enough to go and shoot as part of my job.

I get a few emails asking me about camera gear, and while I use big, heavy and somewhat expensive professional Nikon gear for my work, these photos you see here were shot with one of their cheaper lenses. The pro Nikon lenses are simply awesome (and they take the abuse that I dish out to them), but they are an expensive luxury if photography does not earn you a living - I love their 70-200mm f2.8VR lens, but it is not something that I am about to want to carry around in my backpack when I am out bass fishing and photographing for example (too big and heavy). I use it for certain jobs only, but when I need to remain very mobile or I am travelling overseas and need to cut down on gear, I use Nikon's 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 AF-S VR lens. This thing is a complete steal - very light, very fast focusing, and if you keep it at 70-200mm then it is just off the scale sharp. I don't like it very much over about 200mm when it begins to really soften up, but shoot at say f5.6 to f8 and keep it at 200mm or below and you are going to get photos that just sing - if you are shooting with a decent technique that is. As a medium fast telephoto lens that does not break the bank or weigh you down, I just can't find fault with this thing. Sometimes you can find outstanding products that kind of jump across their price points if that makes sense.