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Have any of you caught bass on these "wake bait" lures ?

I am pretty sure that most anglers who fish for bass have taken at least a few fish on surface lures, in fact I would question if there is there a more exciting way to catch a fish outside of sight-fishing to it. I don't care what size the fish is, for when a fish comes up to take a lure off the surface it's about as good as fishing gets to me. Like many of you I am sure, I use a variety of different surface lures, although my go-to tends to be something that I can "walk" across the top. I have gradually come across a few of these surface lures that "wake" rather than walk and I was wondering if any of you bass nuts out there had ever actually caught a bass on a wake bait type of surface lure ?

What is a wake bait ? Well unless I am mistaken (and forgive me if I am wrong here), I am talking about these lures that come to the surface as you straight retrieve them, and as they swim across the surface they give off a very subtle V-kind of wake/ripple. There is no exaggerated action or masses of splashing water. I like how these lures look when you fish them, and please bear in mind that I have little to zero experience of these things and how one might properly use them, but I am wondering if "our" bass do actually respond to these sort of surface lures ? I have tried them a few times and I haven't had a sniff (admittedly not when a load of bass are switched on), and it kind of irks me that either I am doing it completely wrong or perhaps "our" bass ain't exactly enamoured with them - most likely the former !!

There are most likely hundreds of different kinds of wake baits out there (and especially it seems from the US freshwater bass scene), but the two that I know are the MegaBass Cutter 90 (8g) and 115 (18.5g). Both fly, indeed the 115 version is like a frigging missile, and both simply sink if you do nothing - but once you start retrieving they come up to the surface where their nose kinda pokes out and creates that nice looking and very subtle V-wake. I like the idea of them and I must assume that from the way they work that they are best suited to calm water, but are they something worth persisting with ?

Am I doing it wrong by simply retrieving lures like this so that they "wake" across the surface, or is there a whole lot more to it ? I completely get the idea of surface lures that give off some kind of disturbance/splashing etc., and I have all the time in the world for hard and soft lures that swim just sub-surface, but when you've got say one of those calmish summer mornings when you really fancy the bass smashing off the top, should I be persisting with some kind of wake bait sort of lure ?

I used to imagine that bass always hit surface lures as they charge up from the depths, but when you are higher up and you can sometimes see bass chasing the lure for a fair distance you realise there is far more to it - so would they chase a wake bait ? I can see how the subtle V-wake off one of these lures might get almost lost in a choppy sea, but when it's calmer and the fish are on, have any of you actually nailed bass with a wake bait ? When I was in Martha's Vineyard a couple of years back I bought a couple of wooden lures which I am pretty sure "wake" across the top and I reckon they might work well at night - any of you care to enlighten me ? My thanks in advance.

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