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Heading back home Friday morning.....

We are all packing up our gear now, ready to head home on the ferry from Rosslare tomorrow morning. This has been one awesome trip - some good fishing, but more importantly to me, the first steps towards getting our heads around a new stretch of coastline. Plus from my work point of view, I have come away with a bunch of good photos for use in stuff like Sea Angler articles etc. As always, it's going to be hard leaving Ireland, but getting home and seeing my girls is just the best feeling ever.

Here's Andy with a stunning bass around the 8lb mark he took from our "wrong turn" spot. Never have I been so happy we got lost !! As always with us guys, this fish was photographed and then safely released. The wind really howled last night and all of today, but Andy still smashed a few nice fish, and you would not believe the numbers of bass we saw moving around in some really shallow water. Seriously I thought we saw a lot of fish our first morning, but this was something else. I thought Trevor was going to pass out as fish after fish moved around him closer than a rod length away, and he even had a bass swim right between his legs. OK, so they were not really in a feeding mood, but if they were to switch on then I can't imagine how explosive it could be...........Ireland is some place to come to if you are into fishing, and for us, especially the bass fishing. I think we might have "stumbled" upon somewhere really special. Drop out, move over, smash fish !!

I dread to think how many miles we have walked this week, or the metres of cliffs we have scaled up and down - but that is a huge part of why this kind of fishing so gets me going. This kind of bass fishing is seriously good exercise. Time for a holiday !! Or possibly not, scary amounts of "tied to my desk" work when I get back, but still I have to pinch myself on a regular basis that I can actually get to call this week out in Ireland a part of my job.

If you come anywhere near the south coast of Ireland, please do yourself a favour and drop into Absolute Fishing in Tramore - we have had the pleasure of fishing a fair bit this past week with the owner Cian O'Halloran, and you would have to go a long way to find a more passionate or more committed angler. Nothing beats up to date local advice on how the area is fishing, but you need to be very careful with the amount of nice gear he has got in there !! None of us walked away empty handed, put it that way........I still think Andy has got it worse than me, but that might also be me trying to make myself feel better.

Anyway, best go pack up myself. I have learnt so much about all kinds of bass fishing this week, and I have begun another affair with a new stretch of Irish coastline. I will be back sometime very soon I hope.