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Heading home from a pretty awesome trip

We are just about to leave our place in Dungarvan and drive up to Rosslare to catch the ferry back to the UK. What a trip. When it's been good it's been awesome - like the Ireland I know, and a few of the sessions have been quite literally breathtaking. We had a few hours out on the Copper Coast yesterday afternoon/evening for example where the bass went literally loopy on the top. You know when bass either take surface lures or quite simply smash them ? Well these bass were almost launching themselves out of the water to get at our lures which yet again were those lethal IMA Salt Skimmers. The biggest we landed might have gone 5.5lbs, but the sheer numbers of fish and the average size kind of took the breath away. Huge fun and a couple of hours I will never forget. The coastline is coming to life, and if you come over here then make sure to drop into the lads at Absolute Fishing in Tramore for up to date local reports - just beware of the nice shiny things adorning the walls.

Nick Hart and I have been fishing a lot with these ridiculously impressive Graphiteleader Argento RV 8'6'' lure rods, but for three days of this trip I have had the chance to fish with a particular 9'2'' rod that has left me in that difficult position of "I know I should not, but how could I not buy it when it's that insanely good ?". More to come about it in due course, but the rod is from a Japanese manufacturer that I had never even heard about until recently (in fact it is a collaboration between two companies) and for me it completely goes against what you think a "longer" rod might be like. I am in love yet again !! Anyway, here's a few photos and I had best go catch that ferry. Can't wait to see my family but crumbs it's hard to leave this wonderful country........