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Heading home from the Bolivian jungle

This morning we start the long trek home - a boat ride down river, jump in a small plane for a flight back to Santa Cruz, overnight there, fly to Miami, and then jump on one more plane back to Heathrow. It's been a hell of a trip, but I am so looking forward to seeing my family for a week or so before heading off on another photo job - but this time to Mongolia.

Awesome last day's fishing - plenty of dorado, and another big pacu taken on the fly. Sight fishing to these things is mad, and to watch them come in and nail the fly is just off the scale. I saw one easily over 30lbs grab Joerg's fly and then simply bite through the wire as if it was not even there !!

Believe it or not, that is a hooked dorado you can see Joaquin playing in the photo above. Talk about extreme fishing. These South American fly guys are awesome anglers, and some of the stuff they are doing out here almost defies belief.

Anyway, better get my gear together and pack for the boat journey downstream. This has been one of the most special trips I have done in my life, and it will be hard to leave such an awesome place as this. Bolivia has made a huge impression on me, and the fishing on offer here is world class through and through. You will hear from me again when I am back home. And how about the cricket ? Well done England !!! Stunning victory, I managed to listen to a bit of Test Match Special through my laptop before we headed out in the mornings. Incredible cricket. Seems a bit surreal to be listening to a wonderful, quintessentially English programme via the internet while we are in one of the remotest places I have ever been to. Modern technology never ceases to amaze me, just like being able to run this blog from truly the middle of nowhere. See you back in the UK.