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Heading off for a week's holiday tomorrow with my family

Early tomorrow morning I am heading off with my family for a week's holiday, and I can't wait - it gets hectic when you work for yourself, and it's about time I had some proper time with my wife and two young girls just messing around on the beach and going for walks etc... Nothing beats time like this. I love what I do, and I really like working from home, but anybody who does so knows that it is hard to switch off - going away is a great way to do so. That's the plan anyway.

A couple of days after we get back and I am heading up to Heathrow airport to fly out to Iceland to photograph some awesome trout and salmon fishing with Pete from Aardvark McLeod - this one should be a blast, especially with recent reports of some truly monstrous wild brown trout over the 10lb mark !! I am so looking forward to seeing some of Iceland and it's legendary fly fishing.

Here are a couple more photos from my recent trip out to Belle Ile in France - very simple shots, but that is what grabbed me in the first place. As always, it's the light that does it for me, and I tend to really like the way anglers and their fishing rods (red Tenryu ones of course !!) can lend such strong lines to a photograph when all they are doing is what fishermen do naturally - cast and retrieve.

Anyway, you all have a good week - save a few bass for me !! It remains for me to say "come on the Lions" when they play South Africa in the first test on Saturday. I reckon we can do it, just like we did back in 1997 in fact - what an awesome series, it was my last year at Plymouth university and I remember once having to decide whether to attend an exam or miss it to watch one of the Lions games. Those were the days. Can't wait for this one, I have made sure that there is somewhere showing it where we are going, indeed I think I might cry if I missed the game.

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