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Heading off to the Game Fair

Later on this morning I am going to drive up to Belvoir Castle for the CLA Game Fair this weekend - a lot of people in sea fishing especially don't even know about this event, but it's great for a day out with the family. I have been doing demonstrations etc. there for a few years now, but the show is so huge that there are still loads of things I have yet to see up there. What makes me most happy about the event is that it's a collective get together of all kinds of people from all walks of life with one thing in common - a love for the countryside, and that's saying a lot in this day and age when an increasingly urban life is encroaching far too much on this country's rural way of life. There, said my piece !! Hope to see you up there......

Here's another couple of photos from my shoot with Nick Hart up on Exmoor earlier in the week - a pretty cool place is it not ? Another example of wild Britain at it's best. Historically the UK is famous for it's chalk stream trout fishing, and of course it can be awesome on some of the wilder, out of the way rivers, but there is so much more........

I am not really sure why it's happening like this, but my summer is going to be really hectic with travelling related work, and I can't wait. It's going to be tough to be away from my family a lot over the next couple of months, especially with my oldest girl starting school in September (where does time go ??!!), but that's the nature of what I do. When you're self-employed and the work is there you simply have to grab it. I am going to be photographing some awesome stuff, and part of me can't really believe that little old me from the UK is getting the chance to do these things. All the information will be up here in due course..........but the first trip is over to south east Ireland for the first week of August and I am in a high state of excitement about it. This quiet part of the world is just about my favourite spot on earth. May the weather behave and give me good light to shoot the bass fishing as best I can.

One thing I will be doing on the drive up to the Game Fair is blasting out hour after hour of the world's finest extreme metal in my car - I am not really into cars, indeed I would far rather be back driving a van like I did for years, but at least my (family) car has got a very good stereo !! That's the main thing to me - sod the look, give me decent sounds. One new album I will be listening to is the mighty "Resplendant Grotesque" by a band called Code - check here for a few tracks. I have a feeling that the singer is from the outstanding Norwegian, off the wall black metal band called Dodheimsgard (aka DHG), for Code sounds like a cross between these guys and perhaps Arcturus, with perhaps a bit of latter day Emperor thrown in. Basically, it takes a bit of listening to get into, but then it opens up into a very, very cool album that gets inside your skull in a big way. Just about perfect for a long drive on my own.