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Heading out the door to the Game Fair.....

Just getting my bits and pieces together and then I am off up to the CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall - if all goes to plan, it should be no more than a three hour drive for me, and a mate of mine who is already there setting up his stand has told me that it's one awesome venue this year, and especially for the whole fishing thing. Hope to see some of you up there over there three days. If you are heading up, think about getting there really early and avoiding any traffic issue. People who have been before will know all about this, and people who have never been simply won't believe the size of the event.

I got to thinking a bit more about all these rumours/false information that flies around and we all pick up on from time to time - thanks guys for the comments on my post from yesterday, it means a lot when people take the time to post them. Anyway, as I am sure you can imagine, I have heard and continue to hear all manner of garbage about fishing. I do get to hear lots of good stuff, indeed that is a huge plus point to my work, but it's often the rubbish that sticks in my head the longest. And it also worries me when good gear gets rubbished because somebody is doing something wrong and then forms the opinion that the stuff is no good. Like this example :

I used to use a particular monofilament mainline for most of my shore fishing. I stumbled upon it, found that it worked really well, and I used and abused it for years. The line in question never let me down once, and that included taking big spools of it to Namibia and landing really big sharks off the beach - a 260lb plus bronze whaler shark on the 40lb line for example. The stuff was strong and it stood up really well to all manner of rough and tumble fishing.

Anyway, I suppose I got known a bit for using this particular line, and some bloke came up to me in my local tackle shop one day, put his face right up close to mine, and told me that the line I was using and talking about was rubbish. It kept breaking he said, and of course, for no reason he could think of. It was almost as if the bloke was implying that it was my fault that his mainline kept breaking. Of course, silly me, I saw the light. Yes bloke, it's all my fault, what can I do to make you feel better ? Or possibly not.

I let the guy calm down and extract his face out my own personal space. He was the kind of guy who I knew would have been shouting his mouth off to anybody who would listen. Not my kind of person, but hey, it takes all sorts to make the world go round. I began to ask a few questions, but he wasn't having it. The line was rubbish because it kept breaking. It could not have possibly been his fault. No way. Far too good an angler for that. The line that was working so well for me was actually a pile of garbage. According to this expert anyway.

So I let the guy rabbit on and on. I am patient when needs be, and I knew that I would get to the bottom of it eventually. And I did. I asked the right questions in the right way and I found out why his line kept breaking. There is a shockleader knot that I used to use for tournament casting that I knew as the blob knot - weak as anything, but great for casting over grass because there is such minimal resistance as it goes through the rings. I presume it is still being used for casting ? Utter rubbish for fishing though. No strength at all. Put a blob in the end of your shockleader with a lighter and then tie your mainline to it. Very easy to break, but very streamlined.

And it comes out that this expert had been using a blob knot for his fishing, and as a result was utterly convinced that the line was awful. Where was his line breaking every single time ? On his shockleader knot. What a surprise !! Angler error ? Never, not possible, he was a proper expert after all. Rubbish line eh ? I do feel for tackle companies and shops when something like this happens. Anyway, best head off........