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Heading over to Ireland today


Is this going to be the final trip over to Ireland for 2012 ? Most likely, but you never quite know. Later on today Del and I are getting on the 2.30pm StenaLine ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare and then heading down to a self-catering place on the Gold Coast Golf Resort down at Dungarvan on the south coast of Ireland - there are of course plenty of ways to get over to Ireland and also many different places to stay, but I love staying where we do in Dungarvan and to be honest a lifetime would not be long enough to full come to grips with the bass fishing around there (loads of details/help on going fishing in Ireland can be found here). Did I ever tell you how much I love going to Ireland ??!! I was actually asked the question the other day for a review on my new book as to what my favourite location was on this earth, and what do you think my answer was ? Go on, have a guess........

I've got Del with me who is over from the Isles of Scilly for his first bass/lure fishing trip ever. He's been seriously getting into the whole wrasse on plastics thing in the wrasse heaven that is where he comes from, but I do know that for a while now the old boy has been itching to have a crack at the bass. I can't help but be slightly worried by all those east and north east winds in the forecast, but as always we will take what we get, work our socks off, and see what we come away with. I can't wait to see Del into his first lure-caught bass. I know a few local anglers who have been doing really well on the bass since I was last over, including a few 10lb plus fish taken on soft plastics, and I know that if we get some kind of half-tidy conditions then our chances are pretty good. We shall see what happens.


All the usual gear is packed and ready to go, but I do have one rather interesting lure rod coming with us that I can't wait to use - those rather nice people at Lure Heaven have lent me one of these brand new Graphiteleader Argento Nouvo 932M lure rods to take over to Ireland. It's 9'3'' long and rated 10-35g with a Fast action and I'm not remotely excited to see how it does !! Nothing compares to actually taking a rod out and fishing with it and I will be interested to see how different or perhaps similar this new Argento Nouvo might be to the APIA/IMA rod that is also packed and raring to go. Anyway, as per usual I will do what I can to keep this blog updated with our progress over in Ireland. Obviously I would love a mix of great light, fantastic conditions and big bass, but because I am realistic and have done these kinds of trips many times now I also know how to manage my expectations and remain pretty realistic. When Ireland fires on the bass it's a truly world class fishery in my humble opinion, and when the conditions are naff then you use do what you can and try to get one up on nature. Will be in touch...............