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Heading over to Ireland today for a couple of weeks of co-guiding

It’s the time of year for me again when I do my roughly ten hour drive to Kerry in SW Ireland for this co-guiding work with John Quinlan and the Thatch Cottage Fishing Lodge setup - and I can’t wait. This is my first time across the Irish Sea this year and I am so looking forward to get back over to Ireland and waking up tomorrow morning in Kerry. Our first group of anglers are arriving later on Thursday and we start fishing most likely early on Friday morning. I will blog when I can out there…………..

The biggest shore-caught bass I have ever photographed, and it was caught by one of our lads out in Kerry last year - you never know………….

The biggest shore-caught bass I have ever photographed, and it was caught by one of our lads out in Kerry last year - you never know………….


If you read this blog then you know that I am a hopeless tackle tart when it comes to lure fishing gear, but as much as I do love the nice and shiny higher-end gear, I get such a kick out of finding something more budget orientated that is a bit bloody brilliant - and I have found the most incredible 9’ 7-35g lure rod which I believe is going to retail for £99.99 when it arrives in the UK either this week or next. I have been fishing with it a fair bit and this sublime length of carbon is without doubt the best £100 lure rod I have ever fished with. The tip on it is just something else. When the rod is in the UK I will put a full review up on here. And yes, it’s coming to Kerry with me in case any of our lads need a lure rod.


I put this up on Facebook yesterday - What was your first thought when you saw the Savage Gear Line-Thru Sandeel? Mine was "wow, looks lovely, but I'd love a non line-through/fixed-hook version of this lure for the surf and night fishing and so on". And here it is, although I am not 100% sure I am meant to have this sample here! I have worked in fishing for a long time now, and from time to time the odd sample or prototype turns up here for me to have a look at - and the other day this sample sub-surface/sinking Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil (125mm, 19g) turned up out of the blue via a contact of mine. It absolutely frigging flies, seriously, it's like a little missile, it's got a rattle in it, and it looks lovely in the water on a simple straight retrieve. I really like the option of having one or two fixed hooks on it, and I also wonder if there might be a larger 150mm/27g version in the pipeline to marry up with its Line-Thru sibling. Surely this Sandeel Pencil has got to work all over the place for bass? I have no idea when they will be on the market and I know nothing about the colours and price and so on (I love this sample sandeel colour!), but I am excited by it and I am hoping I don't get into trouble for showing it off on here.........

I have a couple in a lure box for this co-guiding trip. I don’t get to fish out there, but these “to be released sometime soon, I think” Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil lures float my boat a lot, and I am going to be sorely tempted to clip one onto one of our angler’s rods if we get a bit of surf or head out night fishing and so on. I will report back. Hope you’re all catching a few fish, have a good couple of weeks, I will blog when possible, and I had best go give the dog a walk and then head off up to Wales for the ferry over to Ireland…………..