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Heading over to Kerry on Sunday for a guiding trip

Does time go faster the older you get? It seems like only yesterday that I was driving back from Kerry last October and already looking forward to right now when I head over there again. I try hard to be an understanding sort of person - if you ask my girls then I am sure I fail on a regular basis - but I would struggle to understand any angler out there who wouldn’t enjoy the thrill of visiting such a stunning, quiet and out of the way coastline. To be able to head over there for work is awesome……….


So on Sunday morning I will leave my house at around 7am to catch the 13.10 StenaLine ferry from Fishguard over to Rosslare, and then when the ferry docks in south east Ireland at around 16.30 it tends to be a four to five hour drive over to where John Quinlan and his family live in Kerry in the south west of Ireland. It’s a pretty long journey on my own, but driving in Ireland especially doesn’t tend to be much hassle at all, and also a good selection of podcasts that play via Apple CarPlay in my epic Berlingo don’t half make the driving go a lot easier (I read about Limetown Season 1 the other day, a podcast that plays out like a bit like Serial only it’s fiction, so I’ve got that downloaded on my phone for the journey).


And then our first group of four clients start arriving on Monday to start fishing no doubt pretty early on Tuesday morning. I can’t wait and I love this work I do with John over in Ireland. We have a blast and I hope that translates over to those kind people who come along on these joint trips we run together. I won’t be fishing over there of course but I am just as excited about heading over as if I was heading say for the Dungarvan area on a fishing/photography trip. Nothing has changed my opinion that guides don’t fish with their clients, indeed if I hired a guide myself and they fished with me then at the end of the day or trip I wouldn’t pay them, end of - why should you be subsidising somebody else’s fishing? 


Anyway, as per usual I will do my best to keep the blog updated with how we are getting on, but please accept that we put in some very long hours on these co-guided trips and sometimes I end up struggling for time. You all have a good weekend and I hope you might be out somewhere enjoying this perfectly glorious weather. Okay, so it might not be the best for bass fishing, but after the winter we all had we surely can’t complain!

Oh, and we have had a last minute cancellation on one of our September trips, for one person, so if you fancy coming along then please get in touch with me via the Contact Me part of the website at the top of this page. The September dates are:

  • Arrive Friday 21st Sept 2018
  • Fish 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th Sept
  • Depart Weds 26th Sept