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Heading over to Kerry today for some guiding work

No rest for the wicked as they say. I got back home from Ireland last Friday evening, and this morning I am getting back on the road and doing the long journey over to south west Ireland - I am leaving my house in south east Cornwall at about 7pm and will arrive in Kerry around 9.30pm if all goes well. Unlike last week where I had Steve and Carl to talk with on the journey (about DoLive Sticks!), on this Kerry jaunt I am on my own and will no doubt be talking to myself (about DoLive Sticks?).


Our first group of lads arrive on Saturday, with fishing starting first thing Sunday morning, and I can’t wait to get going with this co-guiding work again. It may well be a case of not fishing myself for a couple of weeks, but it’s a genuine thrill to work with other anglers and of course John Quinlan. While I am over there John and I are going to work out our 2018 dates and I will get them out to people who have specifically requested them, and then make them available on here. If you want to be notified by email before the dates go up here, please contact me here, and I will make sure you are.


Anyway, please spare a thought for the state of my head when I finally get to Kerry this evening after too many hours talking to myself about all things lure fishing. How many times have I imagined for example getting hold of the MD of OSP and threatening him or her with all manner of ills until he or she agrees to make a 6’’ solid white coloured DoLive Stick? Oh, and I’ll have a white belly/chartreuse back while we’re at it Mr or Mrs OPS. Seriously, it ain’t right. You all have a good weekend and I will do what I can with the hours we put in to keep you updated with how these guiding trips go in Kerry.