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Hearing about some very good Irish bass fishing

I spoke to Patrick over the weekend and he tells me that the shore fishing over in south east Ireland has suddenly picked up big time - the lads have been plagued with east winds for a while now, but even so Pat has seen a couple of 10lb plus bass landed in the last week or so, plus other fish over 7lbs. Yesterday they had a fantastic day, with plenty of bass coming to a variety of lures, including the Slug-Go soft plastics fished with the belly weights (see here for these lures).

As I have said before on this blog, it matters not where you choose to go fishing on this earth - book a good local guide and you will increase your chances of seeing and catching fish by a huge factor. The reason we saw lots of fish in Bolivia and Mongolia recently was because we were working with outstanding guides. And going bass fishing in Ireland for example is exactly the same - you can get hold of Patrick here. He guides on the best stretch of coastline I know of for bass fishing, and the guy is a lure nut !! Plus a good mate.

Photo courtesy Alejandro Bianchetti

Talking about Bolivia and the outstanding guides, above is Argentinian guide Alejandro on one of his rare days off, with a local catfish species called "surubi" that he smashed on the fly. We saw plenty of these awesome looking fish swimming around out there, and Alejandro has proved yet again that they are catchable on the fly if you stick at it. A somewhat prettier looking catfish than our European Wels !!

I don't get that far on a Monday morning without plenty of coffee and lots of metal - check out the new album from the Finnish melodic death metal band Insomnium, because it is outstanding. Their last album "Far Above the Weeping World" was one of the best albums in this particular genre that I have ever heard, and this new one "Across the Dark" is growing on me hugely with every single spin of the disk (ok, CD). Check out a few tracks here. The world is a better place for music like this.......