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Help Irish bass and sea angling in general

Even if you don't fish or have any interest in sea fishing in Ireland, I have always believed that if one particular place can lead the way in how we look after our fish stocks, then surely other "powers that be" are eventually going to sit up and take notice of what can happen when anglers have plenty of fish to catch - people pumping large amounts of money is something that means a lot to politicians, indeed money sadly means more than fish more often than not............of course I have a love affair with Ireland and its fishing, but I also firmly believe that anything that can be done to help and assist has to be a good thing for everybody in the long run. John Quinlan from Irish Bass contacted me yesterday and asked if I could try and do something to help their latest campaign. Below is his email to me :

The Irish Bass Group, with the help of other conservation and sea angling organisations, are running a campaign to highlight the need for better management and protection of our sea bass and our sea angling sector. We believe that by focusing on the potential of our bass angling sector, we can show the benefits of including sea anglers in the managment of all our sea fish stocks.

Now we need your help. We are encouraging you to print off a few copies of the flyer (do it here, or go to the Irish Bass website and follow the link). Then all you need to do is just hand the flyer to the canvassing politicians, in exchange for the literature they will be handing you, when they come calling to your door before the election. There is no need for you to get into any dialogue with the politicians as we will have contacted all of them before hand about the issues involved. We really need the support of all anglers and also those who believe in protecting our marine environment and all the species that are important to angling. We would also hope that all anglers, regardless of the species that they fish for, would forward this email with the attached message to their friends so they could hand it out as well.