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Help’s not going to come if you don’t call for it - another of our short RNLI films

So you’re out fishing and wearing a lifejacket, and things very suddenly go wrong and you end up in the water. You are on your own, nobody knows where you are fishing nor when to expect you back home, and you can’t self-rescue - so how on earth do you get hold of the rescue services to start the process of rescuing you? As Steve says in the short film: “Help’s not going to come if you don’t call for it”. So obvious, but how many of you have even thought about this? It’s all very well wearing a lifejacket, but there are other steps to take in order to do all you can to come home safe if it all goes wrong.

Please have a look at this short film we made with the RNLI because we deal with some simple but very effective ways of contacting the rescue services if needs be. Please take note of the throw-rope which could be the thing that gets you out of the water if you are fishing with other people and you’ve discussed what to do if one of you ends up in the water and the throw rope is to hand and you all know how to use it. Cheap, easy to carry, and very easy to use. And yes, I have practised with my throw rope on my girls in the garden!


Once again I am in no way trying to be all health and safety or dramatic, but I would ask the question why not at least examine these ways of calling for help? As ever though there’s no point thinking about this angler safety stuff and not then actually doing something about it. Who can predict when something might go badly wrong? Hell, I went looking for green water on Wednesday morning (blankety blank) and I wasn’t a million miles away from getting washed in myself - I spotted a wave that looked considerably bigger than any others rolling in, but I didn’t have much of an “out” as such. I backed off as much as I could, grabbed some rocks, and held on. I was wearing a lifejacket and I turned my back just as the water hit me and I was fine, but if I had still been standing where I had been fishing I’d have fancied my chances of being knocked right off my feet and possibly ending up in the water.


I spent a day last week with the RNLI and an angler who got into very serious trouble recently but thankfully he got to go home to his wife and two kids because he was wearing as lifejacket that his family had given him for a recent birthday present. Both he and his wife had been watching and reading about all this angler safety work we have been doing recently and I am so bloody glad that this lad had been wearing a lifejacket and survived. It was an emotional day to say the least and there will be a short film about it coming out soon. This angler is utterly convinced that without an auto-inflate lifejacket on he would have died, end of. You all have a good weekend and please think about this……..