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Here's to 2013

I hope you all had a great Christmas and got to spend some time away from work with your families. Did Father Christmas bring you what you were hoping for ? The wind continues to pump from the south west down here, indeed it's been so mild and wet over the last week or so that we have lit virtually no fires and had no heating on. Whatever your feelings for or against this whole Global Warming thing, there seems little denying in my mind that our weather patterns are all over the place, indeed I am not sure what one would call "normal" these days. If you are an angler and a saltwater angler especially then the weather either is or will become an obsession, and if you think back to what we've had throughout this year then I would have no trouble calling it somewhat freaky. Just when we thought things were going to get going on the fishing front and we had that long, cold start to spring and then from there we had little if any consistency to our weather at all. So what will the weather do in 2013 ?

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I do know one thing that is going to happen to me in 2013 - in February I turn 40. It worries me not for one second that I am getting older and it always makes me laugh how much time and money so many people on this earth devote to trying to reverse the aging process - when we all know via fishing that if there is one thing we as human beings can never do is beat nature at its own game. I don't do religion and I have no problem believing that when you're gone that's it, so in turn I firmly believe that we get one chance at this life. I like to think that inside I am still the same kind of person I was when I was say 20, but I do know that my priorities have changed. I was never remotely bothered about having kids or not before we had them (typical bloke ?), but I married a girl who always wanted them and look at me now. Smitten like you would not believe. Every single day I catch myself thinking how much my girls mean to me and as a father how far I know that I would go to protect them - and that it's impossible to come close to predicting the sort of feelings that having kids can produce in you until you have them. Perhaps the thought of turning 40 makes one a bit more philosophical ?

On the work front I have various plans and ideas for 2013. Some I think might come off and some I am sure won't, but one thing I know I am not very good at is sitting still and doing the same thing all the time. It's the same in my fishing, indeed a big reason I think that this whole lure fishing "thing" started to appeal more and more to me was that I was beginning to tire slightly of staring at rod tips and not being able to I suppose influence proceedings that bit more - and the whole "you're always doing something" aspect to lure fishing I suppose was the right thing for me at a certain time in my life. I don't personally subscribe to one kind of fishing being better or worse than another because I firmly believe in personal choice and also that different is good. There are some work related things that I am going to try and develop that bit more in 2013, but along the way I know I will make mistakes and I am perfectly comfortable with that fact - I love learning new stuff, but I have always been of the opinion that a lot of our learning comes from not being scared to do something different and go out on a limb from time to time - and then making sure to learn as much as you can when you make those mistakes. Could you ever have believed how much fishing was a parallel to life ?

On the fishing front I love how this whole lure fishing thing seems to continue to grow here in the UK. Chucking artificial lures at fish is of course nothing remotely new, but without doubt there are more and more anglers discovering how much fun it can be to do so. A little part of me wishes that I had been a lifelong lure angler who could then call upon all those years of experience, but then the bigger part of me is just loving this whole learning curve thing that coming big time into lure fishing is giving me. Remember that my work also demands that I spend time around so many different kinds of fishing. Never for one second did I think many years ago when I was say chucking some spinners about for pollack or mackerel almost as an aside to my bait fishing that there could be so much to it all, but with growth must also come a few typical teething problems. I understand that a small percentage of (jealous/petty-minded/spiteful/expert) anglers almost want to cut a swathe through so much collective enjoyment, experience and learning in their different but equally petty and pointless ways, but this to me only serves to highlight their own ineptitude as human beings and their fear of change. How about in 2013 we as anglers work on standing together that bit more and embracing the fact that we are all different, we all fish in different ways, we are all at different stages on this learning curve (as in life ?), but at the end of the day we all share a common goal - which surely is to enjoy going fishing and by virtue of this get as much good, life-enhancing stuff out of this great sport as we can, whilst at the same time giving back to it in our own different ways. Happy New Year and see you in 2013................