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Home sweet home.....

These remote atoll trips involve living on a mothership, and each day tenders run you to the nearby flats for the fishing - the boat we stayed on is anchored here just off Assumption atoll, where we picked up the boat and steamed overnight to Cosmoledo. I really like the whole dynamic of a trip like this. Assumption has a landing strip, hence us flying there from Mahe, and the fishing is fantastic - around the boat were masses of different fish, and I saw a manta ray swim past. Look how close we are to the shore !! GTs flock to the boat at night and spend much of the time smashing into hapless bait fish - the aggression levels of these fish is truly amazing. Anglers have caught sailfish, wahoo, GTs, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna and bonefish around Assumption before even heading over to Cosmoledo. To spend time around such pristine waters is wildly exciting and every day I have to pinch myself that my job enables me to do things like this. I'll happily photograph most kinds of fishing in most kinds of places, but to walk on wild flats with perfect weather is something else entirely. And to see so many fish around is like being in your own private aquarium.

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