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Hope to see a load of you next weekend at the UK’s first ever lure fishing show

It’s about time the UK got their own lure fishing show, and the time has finally come - next weekend sees the first ever European Sport Fishing Show, based in Bristol, and running on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October. A combined lure and fly fishing event, open to the trade and the public, and I can’t wait. It’s so damn good to finally have a proper fishing show that’s dedicated to the two kinds of fishing which have so much in common, and I take my hat off to the people behind this brand new show and I wish them every possible success. To you kind people who read this blog of mine - please come along next weekend!

Is this going to be our own Nantes show?

Is this going to be our own Nantes show?

I will be there for both days, based around the Fiiish UK stand, but also wandering around and doing my utmost not to completely ruin my bank account with the gear that’s going to be on show and also for sale. I believe I am doing some talks on fishing photography as well, so please come along and heckle all you like! You can buy tickets to this brand new European Sport Fishing Show in advance, check here, or you can simply turn up and pay on the door. The show is on the outskirts of Bristol by the way, check here for full details.


There’s going to be loads of lure and fly fishing gear on show and on sale, and for us lure junkies it’s looking very interesting indeed - check out the list of exhibitors here. I have just seen on Facebook this morning that The Art of Fishing tackle shop is doing an official launch of the Japanese rod brand Tailwalk at this new show, and they are offering a scary 20% off the UK RRPs for the weekend if you buy at the show. Why scary? Because I have seen enough of these rods to want too many of them! Check out my review of the stunning, sub-£200 (and lives in the same rarefied air as 9’ Skyroad) Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Seabass 90ML 9’ 7-28g lure rod here, and there are two Tailwalk rods in particular that I will be doing my best to walk past and pretend they don’t exist because I want them so badly - the Tailwalk Hi-Tide TZ S90ML 7-24g and the Tailwalk Hi-Tide TZ S96ML 7-30g. Calculator out, 20% off, help!

Of particular interest to us lure anglers are stands such as Lure Heaven, Fiiish UK, Abu Garcia, Berkley Fishing, Costa sunnies (the best, end of), Force 4 Chandlery, Future Lures UK, Greys Fishing, Hobie, Hodgman (starting to hear more and more about their waders and wading boots), The Lure Box, Penn Fishing, Predator Tackle, Anglers Only, Seaguar, Snowbee, Sufix UK (yes!), Spiderwire, Tronix Fishing (HTO etc.), Veals Mail Order, VMC Fishing, Fiiish UK, The Art of Fishing (Needful Things), Vision Fly fishing (such good waders), Zen 2, Z-Man, and I am so pleased to see the RNLI are going to be there as well. Now do you see why I worry about getting out of next weekend with a positive bank balance?

Anyway, I am really hoping to see plenty of you kind people at the show next weekend. Come and see me on the Fiiish UK stand. Show me what you’ve bought and tell me how much you admire my self-control around all that gear while I tell porky pies to you about how grown up I am these days around lure fishing tackle. As a mate of mine once said to me: “He who dies with the most toys wins!” Have a good weekend, batten down the hatches if the weather forecast is correct, and I’ll see you on the 28th and 29th October up at Bristol for the UK’s first ever European Sport Fishing Show. Help!

Disclosure - if you buy anything using links found in this blog post or around my website, I may make a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links - and please feel entirely free not to do so of course - but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you. Remember though, there's a 20% discount on Tailwalk rods from the Art of Fishing tackle shop at the show next weekend.