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Hope to see some of you in Dublin tomorrow and Sunday

My brain is bouncing that much at the moment that I got up this morning at 3.30am and started work, but there's a bunch of stuff going on here at the moment and also I am pretty excited about heading over to Dublin this evening for the Swords Ireland Angling Show that is on tomorrow and Sunday - hoping to see some of you there and looking forward to talking plenty about the fishing in that perfectly magical country. This will absolutely, positively be the last time I mention the rugby from last Sunday in connection with Ireland, Dublin and the only unbeaten team remaining in the tournament - sorry..............

If you are going to the show and feel like being shouted at for half an hour or so on both days, then come along to a presentation talk kind of thing that I will be doing at 1.15pm on the Saturday and the Sunday. The earlier I wake up in the morning, the more adrenaline/caffeine fuelled I will be, so please feel free to beat me around the head if needs be when I am doing my talks in case I go off on one and don't even realise it. Or otherwise cheer really loudly to cover up for the fact that there might actually be nobody else watching me shout at myself.

What are your opinions on the new Hugh's Fishing Fight series that stared on Channel 4 last night ? (see here if you did not see it). Personally I don't really think it matters one bit what any of us might or might not think about the actual programmes themselves or even the subject of marine reserves, because surely as anglers we simply have to take our hat off to the bloke for putting these kinds of issues into the mainstream media and by virtue of this then affecting real change. Look at the recent result over in Europe to do with the insanity that is fish discards - tell me that this would have happened without the first series of Hugh's Fish Fight and the associated media campaigns ? You know I despise the word celebrity with a passion, but if this Hugh F-W has become a "celebrity chef" over the course of his numerous TV series then I for one take my hat off to him a huge way for then using that "fame" to actually do something with real value. I will be fascinated to see where this new series might lead............

Now this will only mean something to you if you are the father of girls. On Weds morning my youngest daughter (6) announced with a twinkle in her eye that, "Dad, I am in love with a boy at school, I've found the right boy for me and we're going to get married." Now obviously she's far too young to know anything about what might and might not wind her Dad up (!!), but you can imagine that as much as I did for one second think about giggling along with her, I will admit to my first thoughts being of the, shall we say, less then gentle towards this little lad in her class. No way. Downstairs I head to start applying for a new shotgun licence for THE BOYFRIEND YEARS. I am a lone wolf who prowls the world with his two daughters' virtues to protect.

And then on Valentine's Day morning it was my wife who took our girls to school, and I heard back from her that there were two boys waiting for my youngest with cards, chocolates and a kiss from each. What is that all about ?????!!!!!!!!!!! My wife thinks I am joking when I say that the girls are not going out until they are 29 at least, and that I want to at least meet (and threaten) any boys beforehand. Anyway, you all have a good weekend and I will continue to think about how I might deal with the years ahead and certain issues that for the life of me I can't work out how my in-laws stayed so calm about.

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