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Hope to see some of you this Saturday at the Chesil Bait'n'Tackle Open Day

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday - Chesil Bait'n'Tackle are holding an Open Day this Saturday coming, June 7th, and for some strange reason they have kindly asked me to come along for the day. Cancel any daft DIY plans you might have had and please drop in and say hi - if you don't, I could end up talking to myself for most of the day while surrounded by a very impressive array of fishing tackle. Could be quite cool actually, indeed I am pretty good at talking to myself about fishing. Chesil Bait'n'Tackle are advertising it partly along the lines of come and meet Henry Gilbey (me), but I would say it's please come along and save me from my weakness around shiny lure fishing gear...........

Quite apart from me lurking around the shop all day, the Chesil Bait'n'Tackle have got a load of the good stuff in there - IMA, Duo, MegaBass, Fiiish, Savage Gear, Seaspin, Hart, Hawg Wild, YUM etc., plus those Major Craft Skyroad lure rods that I keep raving on about on this blog. The guys are running a raffle in aid of Cancer Research UK and the top prize is actually a Skyroad lure rod. I am really looking forward to meeting custom rod builder Richard Cake from Dorset Fishing Rods and also local lure fishing guide Adrian Jacobs (check here) - both of them are also at the Open Day to help people out with all manner of lure fishing info. Sounds like a pretty cracking day to me, really hope to see some of you there.

I've been messing around again with some black and white conversions of a few of my photographs, inspired by some light we got a week or so ago - see here. Bearing in mind that I have zero background in black and white photography, I can't pretend I am actively shooting for it except for the very odd occasion when that little voice in my head tells me to keep an extra eye open - and what I so love these days is that you can so easily take the original colour version and simply mess around with it on a computer and see what happens.

Anyway, I hope to catch up with some of you on Saturday. I've just had the new Sea Angler drop through the letterbox and the two lead features are both about summer lure fishing - is the world changing or what? I chose to ignore that rather pathetic rumpus that blew up online about Sea Angler's LRF "inaccuracies" a few issues back, and instead I choose to celebrate the fact that the UK's biggest saltwater fishing magazine is so open to embracing a kind of saltwater fishing that is catching more and more anglers.