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How about helping to get a short film made ?

The youngest Gilbey brother is looking to raise the measly sum of £3500 to make a very, very cool short film and he's looking to kind and adventurous people like you and me to help out by sponsoring the project right here. William works closely with my other brother Julian in the ridiculously tough world that is trying to make your way in the film industry. Their last film "A Lonely Place to Die" is starting to get them noticed by a few of the "right people" if you like, and William has got this razor sharp script that he wants to turn into a short film. Talk about dedication - he's going to film it the weekend before he gets married and then try and edit it while he and his new wife are away on honeymoon............

I had never heard of this "crowd funding" thing that William is trying to work with to help raise the cash to make this short film, and I do like how the people who kindly give some dosh to the project actually get something out of it - make sure to check the right hand side of this link for what the donated amounts give back to the donor. There are a load of details of where your money will go and what the plans are for the making of this film, and please trust me that William will plough every single penny and then some into this project. One thing my brothers know how to do is to make a comparatively small amount of money go a long, long way up on screen.

OK, so yes, this is a blatant plug to try and help my brother out, and yes, some of you might think it's a bit of a strange post on a fishing blog. But please go and check out this short film here that William made a few years back. My two brothers have got some serious talent at this filming stuff and I so badly want them to succeed big time. I have half a clue how hard the film industry is and I know how incredibly hard they work. If you can help in any way towards this short film then you have my sincere thanks.

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