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How many lures do you take fishing with you? (Is it fair to even ask?!)

I have a lot of lures. There, I said it, because I bet you never for one second imagined that I might have! I am sure that if you regularly read this blog then you will have quite rightly (?) formed an impression about me that revolves around me being a mature adult who definitely doesn’t have any issues with lure fishing tackle and continuing to “collect” lures like it’s going out of fashion. You know it’s bad when with a completely straight face you can perfectly well justify the purchase of a new lure to yourself because you “need to photograph it”! Beat that I might add…………..


Anyway, with all the lures that so many of us seem to horde away like squirrels storing their nuts, I wonder how many lures you might actually take out fishing with you? I guess that via the guiding work I do over in Ireland and where I might end up bass fishing throughout the course of a season as such I get to interact with a number of different anglers. I understand completely the desire, nay need to clip on a brand new lure and get it out there, but when you plan for a session and get yourself out there, are you taking a kitchen sink of lures with you, or do you try to cut things down to whatever a sensible level might be?


I take precisely two lures boxes with me when I go fishing and that’s it, and more often than not I take just the one lure box for night fishing - those two or sometimes one lure boxes need to fit in my beloved HPA lure bag that sits at my side. I use a couple of those smaller size of washable lure boxes that you can usually find pretty easily (20x15cms), but of course you can’t then fit the larger hard lures in them - something like a MegaBass X140SW won’t go in there for example. A few years ago I came across the a Snowbee version of these washable lure boxes that is configured as per the photo above - the compartments for the lures run length ways. This is great for larger hard lures but is also how I carry my soft plastics as per the photo below.


I don’t stuff extra lures in my rucksack and unless I have gone and forgotten a particular lure I can’t remember thinking that I needed to have a load more lures with me. Granted, I need to then tailor what I take to roughly where I am heading out to fish and then take into account that best laid plans don’t always work and that a move might be required etc. Around here where I live when I might often be going fishing for the one session it’s usually pretty easy to pick what I might need, but of course it’s then a little harder when I am fishing around say the Copper Coast area over in Ireland and could be out all day and/or night. We might move locations a lot, and because those moves might require a completely different fishing approach it can be a little trickier to predict what you might need. I am sure you are the same as me though and have a bunch of go-to lures that you trust implicitly for certain situations.


Of course how many lures you can take with you then depends on how you actually carry your lures. I always have a fair amount of camera gear in my rucksack (usually this rucksack here these days), so when that goes in there together with a waterproof jacket if I am not actually wearing it plus various bits and pieces (hat, buff, leader, clips, reading glasses which I never used to need for trying knots etc., spare clothing layer, water or coffee or whatever, sunglasses and so on) I have no room left to stuff a load of lures boxes in there. A few years ago now I switched over to having my lures at my side and out of the way of me actually fishing and I haven’t looked back, so if they don’t fit in those two smaller lure boxes which sit in that HPA bag then they don’t come with me.

I could definitely fit a few more in there!

I could definitely fit a few more in there!

And oh how have I found out how to cram as many lures in those two boxes as possible though! Not always of course, but if I am out for the whole day over in Ireland then I know from experience now that certain lures can be literally squeezed into all corners and compartments of those two lure boxes. I can cover what I might need to say move from estuary to open beach to shallow reefs to quiet bays and so on, but then I guess it tends to be over time and therefore more experience that helps you to better understand which lures help you effectively deal with specific situations?