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How many more superlatives are there for bass fishing in Ireland ?

How many more times can this fantastic country continue to amaze us ? Andy and I got to our base in Dungarven around 8pm last night - we met Cian, grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed out for a couple of hours. I had a smallish bass on an Xorus Rolling Shad, but there were a lot of fish moving around us. First blood, but we then headed back to sort out the gear for an assault on the Copper Coast today. And what a day......

You have to give these local bass guys full credit - Cian and Paul made a call on a certain rock mark, and it paid off big time. Andy had a couple of fish early doors, but it was on the flood tide this afternoon that things really fired. Above is Cian and a bass that was bouncing around the 10lb mark on the Boga Grip. How about that for a fish ??!! It hit him like a train. Cian is one of those tackle dealers who really does actually use the products he sells for his own fishing - he smashed a number of good bass today on the MegaBass X140SW. If you are ever around southern Ireland, do yourself a big favour and drop into Absolute Fishing in Tramore. Coffee, lures and local advice awaits !! Honestly, I count myself extremely fortunate to be able to call these Irish anglers my friends. What a fantastic bunch of lads.

So Cian sits down after that stunning bass and collects his thoughts. Next cast and he's into another really good fish. The rest of us all nailed a load of bass ourselves, but it was Cian who really came through today with the bigger bass. That MegaBass X140SW is proving to be yet another bass killer. Does that company make a bad lure ? I can't quite believe what an awesome first day we have had, and we are heading out again later on to give it a go on the soft plastics at night. I am not aware of anywhere else that fires like Ireland does when the bass fishing is on.

Here's the man with a fantastically conditioned 8lb bass. Every single bass we caught today went safely back. Paul also smashed a bunch of them up to about 7lbs. The perfect first day's fishing. Nice conditions, some decent light, a great bunch of anglers, and a whole load of fish. A fairly regular day to these Irish lads, but Andy and I were literally bouncing off the roof of my car on the way back to the house we are staying in.

Anyway, best go sort the gear for this evening. I will update this blog as much as I can this week. what a place. Buzzing big time.

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