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How much more can we keep on learning ?

I was writing a magazine feature the other day and I got to thinking about how much fishing can be used as a kind of measurement for real life. Somewhat deep and meaningful for a Monday morning perhaps, but if you think about mapping a chart of your fishing life, I bet it would follow the same kind of trends as one of your actual life - depending on what kind of person you are of course. Of course it's this bass fishing thing that has really got hold of me these last few years, but I can't believe how much fun it is to keep on learning so much all the time. I was thinking about the kinds of things I was writing about bass fishing say two years ago, and then one year ago, and then what I am actually writing now. Learning all the time........and both proud and happy to admit it.

Fishing to me is just so much about learning all the time, indeed just as I think at times that I am coming to some kind of "comfortable plateau" where I can rest up a while and feel secure in how much I already know, then something comes along to show me just how much more I need to learn. Kind of like life if you ask me. We get to 18 and we are convinced we know it all. Hell, we do know it all. The arrogance of youth. Then we get to 21 and realise just how little we actually knew at 18. And on it goes............much like fishing is it not ? I love it.

I'll tell you how much I love this learning curve in fishing - the actual act of catching fish means a lot to me, but if my fishing was only about actually catching fish then I think my interest would have waned years ago. The fact that fishing offers so much more than just the actual act of catching fish is part of the reason I am sure why so many anglers out there have this lifelong addiction to this wonderful sport. Think about all that we learn. Think about how this growing knowledge allows us to grow as people, and how it helps us to appreciate the simpler, less complicated things in life. Fishing connects us with the outdoor world.

But, as in our everyday lives, there is always a percentage of people who will never strive to learn any more than they already know (or sadly don't know) and who will never be able to open themselves up to new experiences. Being closed off must be so boring. Doing the same things all the time would drive me completely mad. Change is good. An open mind is vital. Fishing mirrors life does it not ? I think I need a bit more sleep !!

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