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How sad are we ?

OK, so last week a bunch of us were sitting in the pub one evening, talking a whole load of stuff about bass fishing - as you do. Whether that discussion be complete rubbish or utter genius, I suppose only us lot could decide (but I have my suspicions). I can get wi-fi on my laptop in the pub, so I break away from the conversation for a while and check emails, do the blog etc. Andy then pipes up (not that he has a problem with bass lures or anything like that) - "Have you guys seen the new IMA Skimmer ?" Cue somewhat blank looks from us lot.....

"What's that ?" One hell of an exciting conversation it might seem to the non-angler, but to us it's the regular kind of thing. The guys are on the Guinness and I am on the orange juice and lemonade. Andy ("Honestly, I don't have a problem") has just brought a brand new lure to our attention that we had never even heard of. Andy ("Cian has a worse problem than me") even knows where to go looking on the internet for a video on how this good looking new IMA Skimmer works on the water - it's a surface lure by the way, and by all accounts it has been doing a bit of damage in the US.........

So what do we do ? We all crowd round my little laptop and watch this video here (scroll down this page here as well). I am guessing that the other people in the pub were wondering what on earth was going on with a bunch of grown men suddenly taking a serious interest in a computer and making all kinds of "ooooh" and "aahhh" sounds as this little lure is worked so seductively across the surface. Honestly, when you can stand back and think about, it can't be that normal that blokes can get so excited about a bass lure - it had to look like we were watching a somewhat "dubious" video clip on my laptop rather than an innocent video of a fishing lure.

We managed to get hold of one of these new IMA Skimmer lures while we were over there last week (don't ask), and considering the bass had decided on a no-show, we went and messed around with it on some calm water we found up an estuary. While this lure might not look like much when you hold in your hands, what it does on top of the water is simply staggering. I can't vouch for its bass-catching abilities yet (but my gut feeling is that it's going to kill, just like the IMA Komomo II that I told you about the other day), but all of us were once again making strange "ooohh" and "aahh" sounds as we took it in turns to work this lure. I can almost picture the setting when a lure like this is going to turn the bass on big time - it is so much more than a lure that simply walks across the surface. Make sure to check out the video, but I bear no responsibility if you are caught by your better half making strange sounds at a computer screen. Try telling her that it's over a new lure !!

These guys here are the people bringing this new IMA lure into the UK for addicts like us to get our hands on. Check out the IMA Skimmer right here. If you have been following my blog this year, you will be aware by now that I am falling for the IMA lures in a big way (plus Duo, Maria, MegaBass, Tackle House, Xorus, etc.), but then perhaps it's best that I admit my problem and come clean. I am a lure junkie. There you go. And I once rather smugly thought I was never a tackle tart.........

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