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How the wrong call turned out perfect

  • We went to a spot yesterday morning that was perfect at high tide, and a few bass were caught straight away, but the dropping tide produced a big line of weed that was impossible to fish through. Wrong call on my part, but Andy above had a huge fish follow his lure right in and then turn away - did the bass see the weed on the lure at the last moment ? Time to move location to a brand new spot we have never fished before, but it looked just about perfect. Sometimes being forced to change plans can work out well.....

  • We ended up on a mark that is so shallow you even have to hold your rod tip up when using an ultra-shallow diving lure like the killer black back/silver flanked Tackle House Feed Shallow, or otherwise use a surface lure. A lunar landscape that the bass use to hunt their prey as they are forced out of the weedy. rocky lagoons as the water drops. I even spooked a couple of fish as I waded out to a suitable vantage point. This cracker nailed my Feed Shallow and Graham kindly did the honours for me. Nothing beats catching bass in such shallow water.

  • Above is Graham releasing my fish unharmed - nothing gets to me in fishing more than seeing such awesome fish swim off so strongly after giving us such pleasure. This week has been up and down with the weather, but overall the fishing has been fantastic as always. I always bang on about this particular stretch of coastline for bass fishing, but the results speak for themselves. It has really got to Andy in a major way, and he keeps shaking his head after speaking to the local lure anglers out here who talk of insane bass fishing as if it is perfectly normal out here. Which it is.....

  • Andy smashed this cracking 6lb bass on a yellow-back Xorus Patchinko that is really doing the business out here - he also had another fish around 4lbs, plus various swirls and turns. You can see how much the guy is loving it out here by that beaming smile - getting big grins for the photos out here is never very hard !! And also check out the weather we now have - a touch of summer at last, and this morning is a stunner as well.

  • Just as a bonefish is perfectly designed for the flats, a bass is surely the ultimate fish for these rock infested, shallow, weedy areas where a predator can flourish. There are so many locations out here that are simply never fished, and the bass can go about their living without ever seeing a hi-tech bit of plastic being retrieved through their domain.

  • We then cleared off the mark, went back to get some late lunch, packed the gear up again and went out to smash a bunch more bass on the flood tide. Not big fish, but they were on the feed big time. The water clarity was incredible as well, and I saw numerous fish turn on the lure, and one even came close to putting itself up on the rocks as it tried to eat my lure. Big blue skies, a few crashing waves to keep us on our toes, another awesome few hours.

  • The lure that killed for me yesterday afternoon was the one you can see above - I know I say this a lot, but I liked this thing the moment i saw it, and I got the chance to use and abuse it properly on some fish. It is the MegaBass X-120sw and I got it off the Bass Lures guys here. The lure casts like a bullet into the wind and fishes nice and shallow with a really tight, rolling/wobbling action that obviously really turns the fish on big time. How can us lure anglers do this to ourselves ? Buy a new lure because you love the look of it, smash a few fish on it, then have to get some more in case you lose the original !! Yes, we all have problems, and we all need help. The only cure I know of would be to drop out, tune in, and move over to Ireland. Become a bass fishing junkie. That's the way....