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How to recognise if you have an addiction to lures and lure fishing tackle - not me, obviously

And you thought that this blog post was about me and my issues? Wash your mouth out with soap and water you filthy being for even thinking that me at 42 and with a newfound maturity from being so luckily cancer-free has an issue or even addiction to lure fishing gear. Not a chance. Nope, I am here to help you out instead. Don’t shy away if you think that the title of this blog post might in any way refer to how you live your life. We are in this together. Various mates of mine have some very serious issues with the whole lure fishing thing and I think that I can pull some examples together to help you recognise if you have a problem yourself. None of these issues in any way relate to me by the way………..


It’s a given that many of you reading this are already addicted to fishing itself, but beyond the need to head out and try to catch fish is another plateau that is seemingly attained by many more anglers these days with the growth in lure fishing popularity. I heard about a fishing photojournalist recently who could not go fishing for various reasons, and to make himself feel better he sometimes photographs fishing tackle - how wrong is that? I even heard rumours that this bloke manages to justify various fishing tackle purchases to himself as props for fishing related photographs that he needs for his magazine articles etc. Pathetic isn’t it? I mean look at the above photo of the rather impressive new Penn Clash 3000 spinning reel (preview here, written by some tit I came across) that I found on this bloke’s hard drive and posted here with full permission - is there any cure for this? I want you to know that this particular bloke has now thrashed himself with a tree branch a la Basil Fawlty.

I would suggest that some of you here have a bunch of full lure boxes and that you already have almost any bass related fishing situation covered tenfold already. Do you still find yourself looking for a new lure that just might do something a tiny bit different and therefore you just have to get it? Do you check forums, Facebook and various blogs and convince yourself that a certain lure colour you don’t have but somebody else is catching on is now absolutely vital? Obviously I don’t. I categorically didn’t see an IMA thing on Facebook a couple of days ago and start drooling over some of those new colours. Do I need them? Obviously not, but that’s hardly the point now is it? I want them. They are calling to me.

Do you start to hyperventilate when you come across a new lure online or in a shop that you don’t have yet you then manage to talk yourself into it being an absolutely vital purchase? Do you start to imagine a load of different fishing situations when this new and not yet even tested by you lure is going to produce any number of fat hungry bass because they haven’t seen this new lure or indeed lure colour? Do you mentally go over some of your favourite fishing spots and dream of exact, and I mean exact rocks and weed beds where you are going to put this new lure over, in perfect conditions of course? And in that perfect mental video a monster bass comes up, smashes the lure, and everything goes perfectly.

Do you joke about your addiction but in your heart you don’t really believe it, but at the same time you quite naturally believe that your mates are in fact the ones with the problems? Have you ever bought a new lure or two and kept it very quiet until you are out fishing with these mates who have problems and then turned away, secretly clipped it on, and then giggled like a child when you know damn well that you have been rumbled but they still don’t know what the lure is? Do you then profess your innocence and claim that you found it at the bottom of a long-lost bag?

Do you have any, how shall we say this, “slightly weaker-willed” mates who try the same thing on you but then you know that they are going to crumble and tell you what they have gone and bought? They want to keep it secret but at the same time they really want you to know what they have bought, in the hope that you haven’t got one. All you need to do is gently ask the right questions and it comes pouring out of them before they even realise the game is up. It’s not remotely childish and grown men should be very proud to behave like this if that is any help. Remember, I have only ever heard about stuff like this going on because I am way above all this sort of behaviour? Would you ever buy an online shop’s entire stock of white senkos when your mate is asleep on the chair opposite you, and then claim disbelief when he calls you a couple of days later to say damn, the website was out of stock?

Do you obsess about finding the “perfect” lure fishing rod, even though you know full well that a rod can’t ever be perfect for everybody? Do you visualise a brand new reel loaded up with brand new braid, just waiting to be taken fishing and for the braid to fly out in that perfect arc, when you feel so utterly connected to the whole setup? Would you ever sit in an office and spend hours holding new lures up and really, really looking at them? Do you have a box full of soft plastics but still you search for “the one”, when in fact you’ve already got more than enough plastics to land more bass than actually swim in our waters? Have you ever kissed a lure because you love it so much? Have you ever licked a DoLive Stick?

If any of this applies to you then I would suggest you have a problem. As for what can be done about that problem, don’t ask me. As I said, I have heard about these problems and I definitely don’t suffer from any of them. Of course not. Me have a problem with lure fishing gear? Come on, you read my blog, you tell me if I have any issues!! Have a good weekend and may you find the lure of your dreams and then tell us all about it and keep that cycle of addiction rolling on……….