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How would you like to work in fishing ?

This could be something really interesting for one of you fishermen out there - I have been given the chance to ask around via this blog and see if somebody out there has what it takes to take on a full time job in fishing. Let me explain. A major UK fishing tackle company has informed me that they are looking for one person to take on a full time job working directly for them, and that perhaps this blog might be a good place to go looking for the right person. I agreed to help them out because I am really interested to see if that one person is somebody who is reading this blog. I hope it is.....

The job would entail working together with a team of people already in place to help design and create saltwater fishing tackle. You would have to relocate to where the company is based, and it is essential that you have at least basic computer skills and a strong desire to learn as much as you can and also provide strong input into bringing fishing tackle from an idea through to actual items that go on sale in tackle shops.

But the most important thing I know that these people are looking for is an open mind and a desire to listen to other peoples' ideas as well as bringing plenty of your own to the table, and it would help if you are a mad keen angler who knows their stuff. But don't confuse the fact that you might be able to catch lots of decent fish as being of vital importance to the tackle company concerned - it is far more important that you are able to open your mind up and learn about all kinds of saltwater fishing that perhaps you don't already do. There might well me some golden opportunities for travel and for looking to design fishing gear for use outside of the UK, so it's a job that could well grow and grow. Much as we all like to think we are miles ahead of anybody else out there when it comes to shore fishing, there just happens to be a big old world out there that does not have much interest in how we fish. Could you open yourself up enough to listen to what customers really want ?

If this appeals to you, here's what to do - email me via my "Contact Me" page on this website, and make sure the subject of the email reads "I want to work in fishing" - head the email up as "Dear Sir/Madam" and then give a brief description (and I mean brief, there is no point waxing lyrical for pages and pages) of why you think you are the person they should hire. Attach a CV to the email as a Word document. My part in this is that I will then forward those emails on to the people who need to see them, and if they see somebody they want to talk to further, they will be in touch. So make sure to provide your contact details in the email and on the CV so that these people can get hold of you if needs be - I assure you that these emails will go no further than the company who is looking for this person.

From my point of view, go for it if you think you have what it takes and you want a change - send me that email and I will make sure the right people get to see it. I am really excited that there might be somebody reading this blog who could go on to find a full time, well paid job in the sport fishing industry. If I can do a tiny little bit towards helping that one person realise their dream, then that will just about make my month. As I said a while back in another post, there is no such thing as a closed shop in the fishing industry, and maybe, just maybe, this might be your chance to give it a go........

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