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HTO Nebula 9’/2.7m 7-35g 4-piece travel lure rod review - around £150

I keep an eye on the stats surrounding my blog and website here, and it always interests me how often I get anglers coming in and searching for information on travel-style lure fishing rods - but then if I sit down and think about things then it actually makes a lot of sense. How many anglers fly with their fishing rods these days? How many anglers would like to be able to break a lure rod down as small as possible and leave it in a car? How much easier is it to work around multi-section rods anyway? The amount of times I have been travelling all over the world with fly anglers as they smugly sit there with their four-piece fly rods sitting comfortably in their hold luggage while us lure mugs are struggling with (and mostly paying extra for) these sodding rod tubes…………….

From time to time I have a good look around for a travel-style lure rod I would genuinely be happy to use for bass, wrasse or pollack, but they don’t seem to be easy things to find. I know that a company such as Shimano technically does a bunch of travel rods, but now go and actually find them in a tackle shop for starters, and what I really want anyway for our lure fishing is what I call a “proper” lure rod that happens to break down into multiple sections that will actually fit into a typical bag that I would fly with and put in an aircraft hold. I don’t want a compromise, I want the sort of lure rod I’d go fishing with everyday, but in multiple sections for easy transport.

The 2-piece 9’ 7-35g HTO Nebula in action over in Ireland

The 2-piece 9’ 7-35g HTO Nebula in action over in Ireland

So this is a really easy review to write. The HTO Nebula 9’/2.7m 7-35g lure rod still sits there for me as the best value for money lure rod that I have ever come across, indeed the main problem I can find with it is that it often seems to be hard to get hold of. Whilst it matters not one single bit here, I am actually going to claim some degree of credit for this newish HTO Nebula 9’/2.7m 7-35g 4-piece travel lure rod now being available. When I first took the regular 9’ 7-35g Nebula over to Kerry for our clients to use if needs be, one of the first anglers to see it who I think had just flown in from the UK (rather than driven) said great, but why isn’t there a travel version of the rod? I went straight inside and emailed HTO Towers and suggested the exact travel rod that I have here now. Credit to them for listening to little old me.

For scale, the reel is the very impressive Penn Spinfisher VI in the smallest 2500 size

For scale, the reel is the very impressive Penn Spinfisher VI in the smallest 2500 size

Go back and read my review of the 2-piece Nebula here, because this HTO Nebula 9’/2.7m 7-35g 4-piece travel lure rod feels almost exactly the same as that rod. Perhaps this travel version is a tiny, tiny bit less stiff which I happen to think is a good thing, but essentially what we have here is what I believe is the best value for money lure rod out there now made into a really handy 4-piece travel lure rod. Okay, so if you’re going to fly with it you need to go out and buy a section of drainpipe or whatever to fit it into, but what do you expect for the price?


We are talking about one hell of a fishing rod that for me is also really handy as a rod I could tuck away in my epic Berlingo in case I am out fishing and I somehow break a rod and could really do with a spare one because I am in the middle of an epic session. What more do we need to talk about? You either love the rapier fast style of the 9’ Nebula or you don’t, and this travel version is essentially that same rod but in four sections which do actually fit inside a typical bag you would fly with as hold luggage. The only thing remaining for me to do is to apologise for the truly ordinary photo of this new HTO travel rod lying on my patio!

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