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Hugely satisfying

OK, so the few bass we caught over the weekend were hardly going to rip hundreds of line from our reels, but various factors contributed to their capture being perhaps that bit more satisfying than catching fish already is. We have had filthy winter water around this stretch of coastline for a few weeks now and of course it's not as if the estuaries have been a back-up option with the insane amounts of rain we have been getting. I still say that somebody up there is hating us at the moment with our weather, but over the weekend we managed to finally find some stunning conditions not far from home and although it might well be January and in theory lure fishing for bass is kinda meant to be over for the moment, it's been incredibly mild of late and therefore it had to be worth a go. I always get an extra kick as well when you catch your first bass from a new spot that you feel has some serious potential and also when that fish is taken on a brand new lure that you have a bit of a hunch about.............

If it has been say September I would really have fancied our chances of cleaning up. A lovely amount of fizz, great water clarity with that tinge of green that bass seem to like, low light, just enough onshore breeze and some quite stunning ground that I have had my eye on for a while now. The fishing was hardly epic, but just to be able to get out in some decent water was enough for me. On Saturday morning Andy had a bass around 3lbs on a white Feed Shallow and then the next cast he got broken up by a bass that ran him around the back of a rock. Whatever happened, fish had been caught.

I was using one of these new Megabass Cutter 125 lures and it just about made my morning when a bass around the 2lb mark literally inhaled the thing, to the point that if I had not crushed all my barbs then I reckon the fish would have not survived me unhooking it. It's not as if I have much experience with this new MegaBass Cutter 125, but it seems to like being retrieved nice and slowly (not easy for me) and then the lure swims really shallow with a very subtle, almost lazy kind of rolling/wobbling action - if you crank the Cutter 125 too hard and it just comes to the surface and gives up. I can't tell you if this new lure is going to be an epic bass catcher because time will obviously tell, but as you all know it's the confidence that comes from catching fish on a new lure that is so important and already I am starting to imagine various marks and conditions where these things might work.

Andy and I then went back yesterday morning and the conditions were as good if not slightly better. Again, hardly epic fishing, but at least Andy caught one small bass to make another January trip more than worthwhile. I thrashed the water to a foam and got precisely nothing to show for it, but I kept on telling myself this this is January, I can't expect too much and to see a bass is enough for now. There's acres of ground where we have been fishing and I can't wait now for later in the year because I reckon it might fire with the right conditions and it's not far away from another spot where a friend and I have both been steam-trained by a couple of bass in the past. At least this sort of stuff helps to keep me going as we lurch towards February and then March, with the rest of the year ahead of us............