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I am clear of skin cancer, some bit of luck, feeling sick with relief

I wanted to get this news up on the blog so that it’s done and out of the way and then I can get back to yapping about fishing stuff again. I am clear of skin cancer. Holy frigging cow I am one lucky sod to get such good news. They are going to keep a close eye on me for the next few years, but wow am I over the frigging moon that they have got this melanoma out of me and that it hasn’t spread. I am bloody lucky, but I know that there are people reading this and on my Facebook page who are going through their own bit of hell, and I want to wish them every possible bit of good luck going.

My profound thanks for your kind messages of support. I am not about to pretend that the last few months have been an easy time, although in some strange way the operation I had then took my mind off the actual cancer thing for a while as I sat on my arse and began the healing process. Make no mistake though, I have been bricking myself leading up to my results appointment. My 2016 starts right now. I am going to keep on doing what I have been doing with my life, and whilst I am a lucky sod to get through this skin cancer, I also recognise that I was an unlucky sod to get it in the first place. I will keep on being as careful about  sunscreen and protective clothing as I have always been, and I am not going to allow me getting unlucky to get in the way of living this life. I have the best family and friends in the world and right now I feel elated, sick with relief, overjoyed and itching to get back out fishing all rolled into one. Going to get this hole in my leg fully healed up as quickly as possible and then it’s full steam ahead. Phew…………

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