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I am the featured photographer on Midcurrent.com

One of the largest and most respected fly fishing websites there is went and asked little old me to supply a couple of photos a while back for a new section they have launched called "Fly Fishing Photography", and this week they have kindly put me on their homepage as their "Featured Photographer". You can see the page above, and to say this is a bit of a thrill is a mild understatement. There are some frankly outstanding fishing photographers featured on the US based Midcurrent, and to be in their (exalted) company on the site makes my week.

I am near to completely sure that not one of the photographers up there on the Midcurrent site has ever seen the fishing programmes I have made over the years, and perhaps it's better that it remains this way. Proud though I am of what we have done, I am not sure the off the wall moments in a few of the shows would appeal to an international audience !!

If you have any kind of interest in fly fishing anywhere on earth, have a good look around Midcurrent, for these is loads to read and look at. It is a huge resource, with a daily fly fishing news section right here. Also have a look at the Fly Fishing Art pages here.

And if you are interested in how diverse and awesome looking the world of international fishing is, make sure to check out the work of the various photographers on the Midcurrent site by going through to their respective websites from this page here. There is some seriously impressive work from some hugely talented people to look at.

I do accept that some of the photography up there might not be relevant to an angler say from the UK, but from a personal point of view, I am hugely interested in seeing fishing based photography from all over the world. I might never go to a lot of these places, but surely it can only be a good thing to open up the mind and learn about other places, other people, and other kinds of fishing. I have met plenty of people overseas who have taken a look at my bass fishing photography for example and then said "wow, that looks like some outstanding fishing". They might not do it, but they are interested in learning more about how we catch them etc. How can fishing keep going forward without the constant passing on and down of information ?

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